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Friday Five: Working for Your Weekend

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working for it

working for it
  • working for it

Weekend! Woo! Here's some stuff you might be interested in:

1) In case you forgot, Michael's has its grand opening as a live music venue tonight. Go see Jenocide drop a new video featuring attractive Haligonians and a boat. By all accounts, Windom Earle's live show is out of control right now (does it have something to do with the fact that gingery sexaphonist Nathan Pilon is leaving soon? Boohiss.) They will be playing. Dance to them, and to the tyrannosaurus jams of Quivers. Oh whatta nite. It's five bux and it's just around the corner. Go check it.

2) Some dinks think Reflections shouldn't move to the former Paragon/Marquee space on Gottingen Street and are circulating petitions and talking about it in newspaper articles. One gentleman in the article argues that "an after-hours bar" will "reduce the quality of life" in the neighbourhood. So what were the Paragon and Marquee? Before-hours bars? I don't see how an extra hour makes a difference. I call bullshit on you, sir!

You can help sway the opinion of the Utility and Review Board by writing an email explaining why it's a good idea to move the bar to this neck of the woods. One big reason you might want to cite is that there's a shortage of music venues in Halifax, duh. Also, music has been happening in this area for years and it's important to keep it going. Send your messages to [email protected] by 5pm today. (Thanks to the Halifax Pop Explosion for alerting everyone to this.)

Edit: There is also a petition that you can sign.

3) Rich Aucoin now has an iPhone app that turns your phone into a parachute basically. My phone is too crappy to test-drive this thing, but you should try it, and take a little piece of Rich with you everywhere.

4) Listen to the best song and watch the best video from the Coast's new favorite band:

5) GUACAMOLE, obviously.

Im gonna make some!
  • I'm gonna make some!

Ok that's it, bye! Be careful out there.

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