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Forever Plaid

Even if cornball comedy isn’t your thing, the music in Chester Playhouse’s Forever Plaid is worth a visit.

Forever Plaid
Simon Gordon, Kyle Gillis, Anders Balderston and Geordie Brown shine.

Please excuse the mixed imagery, but even if cornball comedy isn't your cup of tea, I urge you to see Forever Plaid at Chester Playhouse. It's a delightfully nostalgic romp, where the plot doesn't really matter, but the music really does. And that's exactly what makes this production sing. Simon Gordon, Kyle Gillis, Anders Balderston and Geordie Brown impress with their beautifully blended harmonies. They are young enough to be believable as members of a boy band just starting out, but with talent and polish beyond their years. The choreography is cute and clever, the accompaniment by pianist Andrea Dickinson and bass player Chris Churchill is first-rate and the show itself is gosh-gee funny. All four lads are given a chance shine, and shine they do, leaving me mad for Plaid

To July 27, $28
Chester Playhouse, 22 Pleasant Street, Chester

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