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As disappointing as it is to be writing about December already, it's nice to know that with this freezing-cold, holiday-infused month stretching out before us, some folks are doing something fun and productive. This Saturday, Folds of Policy release their third album, Paradigm City, at The Seahorse, with special guests Great Plains and Silvergun. Comprised of Jon Landry (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Charlie Coolen (guitar, keyboard), Mark Murphy (drums) and Craig Eugene Harris (bass), Folds of Policy make straight ahead rock 'n' roll music.

The fellows kept their musical goals while dealing with their rotating line-up. "We've had anywhere from four to seven people on stage with us at a time during that time," says Landry. "We were trying to find our sound and get our bearings. Paradigm City is about growth for us; we are a much different band now than when we began the project."

One of the new additions is Harris on bass, which they are very pleased about ("The man's reputation and resume speak volumes," says Landry). Understandably, Folds of Policy are extremely eager to show off their new sound, new record and to play with their friends again. "It's our first Halifax show with the new line-up and we're gonna blow the roof off the place. I'm stoked as hell to play with Great Plains again," says Landry. "They're some of the city's finest musicians and great friends. Silvergun and us broke into a school bus once to escape a downpour so we could sleep in peace, so I imagine some crazy shit is gonna happen Saturday night."

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