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Float Your Boat with Ocean Charter of Values

One of four rad local rock bands playing tonight at Gus' Pub & Grill

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Deborah Hemming
Ocean Charter of Values

"It's really hard to say what kind of music we play," says Nick Laugher, guitarist and singer of Ocean Charter of Values, "It weaves in and out of, like, singer-songwriter-y stuff, psych rock, melodramatic whiney pop, some drone and ambient stuff and also weird heavy stuff where I wish I was cool enough to play doom metal." With Cameron Hall and Evan Matthews, Laugher started the band last year while drunk on Colt 45s and gin back home in Lunenburg County. 

A music journalist and occasional Coast contributor, when Laugher wasn't playing with Year of Glad or David R. Elliott's band, he was jamming his own songs. Some were released on cassette in August with US label, Lily Tapes and Discs, plus a few were put out as live recordings at Le Cagibi in Montreal this past September. He recently recorded some new ones with Matthews at Echo Chamber and the three-piece is soon heading out on a little Eastern tour.

He loves the lineup, but "The band is kind of ever-changing at this point," says Laugher, "Sometimes my girlfriend Molly Elliott plays with us, sometimes Alexandre Bergeron, and I've got friends contributing to parts on the record. It's a rotating cast of characters and styles." 

Laugher says the name of the band came out of thin air during a Colt 45 night, but over time, it has actually come to represent its fluid nature: "It's weirdly mystical and melodramatic and means everything and nothing at all. Plus I'm a Scorpio, which is a water sign, so I've always been weirdly obsessed with oceanic themes ... I'm generally just trying to make sense of my dumb emotions through art, which is really the only thing I'm good at ... And it's actually been really fulfilling."  

Laugher also runs a tiny label and like-minded collective, The Cerealbowl, which releases music from here to New Brunswick, including his own. So check that out. You can catch Ocean Charter of Values tonight at Gus' Pub with The Everywheres, The Age and Faw Haja, then he's heading to Montreal with Faw Haja and playing Frederiction with Gianna Lauren on December 16. 

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