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Fibre first

The Fibre in Everyday Life exhibit takes textiles to a whole ’nother level.

Fibre first
Fibre in Everyday Life isn’t talking about what’s in your cereal.

There are no itchy wool sweaters here. This is a showcase of textile talent and colour. Presented by Atlantic Spinners and Handweavers, it features items sewn together using the traditional techniques of loom and finger weaves, tapestry, knitting and embroidery. Many items have a well-worn feel of an old blanket like the warm tea cozy by Fran Nowakowski. The colour schemes and patterns bring out the textures of the materials. "Black and White and Red All Over" by Laura Purje is a bright mix of red and neutral colours in a large rug. Ray Meikle's "24 Hours" uses materials such as plastic ties and buttons to accentuate the multicolour scheme. Eva Knoll's "7-8 Interference Runner" is a checker patterned rug in Charlie Brown-like yellow and brown. The real standouts are recycled items. Daphne Trenaman's stylish purse is made from strips of leather from an old coat. All it needs is the matching leather shoes.

To March 31, Public Archives of Nova Scotia, 6016 University Avenue

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