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Eyelevel Gallery's Members' Weekly 2010

The Gottingen Street gallery keeps summer busy with one show a week until the middle of August.

Summer time normally means a slower, vacation-like pace, but this Gottingen Street gallery is going ahead full steam with five one-week shows featuring work from its members. Monday sees the opening of In Here & Out There, with work from artists Ella Tetrault and Carey Jernigan, Vince Vining, Robert Scott, Emma Fitzgerald, Keltie MacNeill, Howard Van Allen, Katharine Vingoe-Cram, Sarah Evans, Al Barbour and Kate Stinson. This show will run until July 24, with another show starting the following Monday---and continuing that rotation until August 7. Artists Ella Tetrault and Carey Jernigan will open Monday's show with the start of their exhibited artwork---the two are using the gallery as an open studio space to construct a piece about affordable housing in north end Halifax, which will end up being an installation at the Khyber for Nocturne. While doing this work opens up the discussion of affordable housing, Jernigan and Tetrault say they'd "like to prepare information on affordable housing and homelessness in Halifax to make available to the community regarding how best to support the city we share." Let them know how you feel any day next week.

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