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The play Altar by Santiago Guzmán promises to be a highlight of Prismatic 2022.

Everything you need to know about the 2022 Prismatic Festival

The multi-disciplinary art festival returns Sep 22-Oct 9.

A crystalline celebration of the arts in every form, Prismatic is a multi-disciplinary festival that provides diverse and boundary-pushing creators with a place to display works that enlighten and enliven audiences. From artist's talks on how their craft builds community (Brandon Hoax's Sep 22 lecture) to a show that sees circus performers and improvisational musicians explore the unexpected (October 6's Up In The Air), Prismatic presents a refracted rainbow of possibilities.

What is the official name?
Prismatic Arts Festival.

What is it also known as?
It's often just shortened to Prismatic.

When is it?
The fest takes place from September 22-October 9.

What is it?
An annual event celebrating and uplifting diverse artists in a swath of mediums, Prismatic shows the beauty that is refracted from different viewpoints. It typically offers a schedule of both installations and live performances, from creators that range from emerging to established.

Where is it held?
Programming pops up at various locations around town, but most of this year's event is held at either Neptune Theatre, The Bus Stop Theatre or Rogers Square.

How long has it been going?
Prismatic has been pushing the boundaries of art and diversifying stages since 2008.

Where do I get tickets?
Tickets are available via Prismatic's website, but it's worth noting a lot of the events are un-ticketed and free.

Are there festival passes?

What is the must-see show?
With everything from live music to dance, it's hard to pick one Prismatic show–but for Team Coast, it comes down to the play Altar by Santiago Guzmán, showing Sep 27-28 at Neptune.

Tracing the deep love and deeper heartbreak main character Eugenio is experiencing during his first year living in St. John's. Feeling far removed from a boyfriend who ghosts him and his home country of Mexico, Eugenio decides to tap into his father's past experiences with the paranormal and with the holiday Dìa de Muertos to summon his boyfriend's 'ghost'—and sort out the relationship once and for all.

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