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Elliott Brood
Mountain Meadows
(Six Shooter)
Bands with a distinctive sound, like Toronto alt-country (often called "death-country") trio Elliott Brood, must grow tired of reading "tumbleweeds, train tracks, whiskey and dust" in the press. But the band members are masters at creating compelling narratives with such eerie ambiance you can't help but pick road grit from your teeth.Recorded in town halls and other atmospheric places, Mountain Meadows---the name and concept taken from a bloody emigrant slaughter that took place in Utah in 1857---proves Mark Sasso, Casey Laforet and Stephen Pitkin are also fine rock musicians. As with Tin Type and Ambassador, the steady suitcase drums and distorted guitars are at the ready, as is Sasso's scratchy growl, which shifts from anger, sorrow and hoarse shouts, to lovely harmonies with Laforet. The album is not so much a direct telling of how 120 people died at the hands of a Mormon-led massacre as it is an exploration of loss, love and other emotions. "Without Again" starts with a pounding march of drums and morphs into a fun banjo sing-along. The instrumental "Chuckwagon" accelerates like a chase. Finally, "Miss You Now" is a bittersweet love song with a heart-drumbeat. A fine album by a great Canadian band that refuses to be pigeonholed.
---Sue Carter Flinn
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