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Elliot Brood are Coming

a concert announcement inspired by Game of Thrones


The direwolves of rock in Elliot Brood are coming across the narrow sea to the Seahorse to play a show for you and the realm on Friday November 25 at the Seahorse. Support TBA. The cost is but a paltry 15 of your gold coins. Winter is coming, so don't tarry. Saddle your horse and direwolf and various man-guards and make to the internet bawdy house for purchases, post-haste. Bring your ID or the Night Watch will bounce you. Don't send the ravens - they are not reliable. Let's go ham on summerwine and fight the greatest battle of our lives - I mean, go to the concert of our lives. Their music will slice through you like Valyrian steel. Boobs.

Elliot Brood, Seahorse, Friday November 25, $15. Buy your tickets here.

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