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Ego's trip east

Chris McCluskey hits the high notes.

Three-piece rock outfit My Dog Ego—comprised of vocalist/drummer Jamie Lee Patterson, guitarist John Longley and bassist Clark McMillan—has moved to Halifax from Toronto in the hopes of making an impression on the east coast with its debut EP.

"We got back together in Ontario last year, and the five songs that we thought we would start with are on the EP," says Longley. "So we tracked those in Ontario, and thought we would release them before going to record our newer stuff."

For a taste of the heavier side of '70s classic rock and '90s alternative with a political edge, The Attic is the place to be on April 5 with support from Shelter with Thieves and Brokem Ohms.

Turn's a-comin'

It has been an eventful year thus far for folk artist David Myles, who can add an International Songwriting Competition accolade to his collection. His song "When it Comes My Turn" was judged by a panel including Tom Waits, Robert Smith and Brian Wilson to be the best in the contest's folk singer-songwriter category.

Myles chose the song he submitted by observing crowd reactions during shows.

"I guess people would respond to the song when I played it, and I felt it was resonating with a lot of people. So I thought, hey, maybe it's a special tune, so I'll throw it in the pile and see what happens," he says. "It's like 50 bucks to apply, which is usually not my style because 50 bucks every time can add up. But it's the biggest one, so if I am going to do one I may as well do it. And if I am going to do it with one tune, it's going to be this one."

Having just returned from a three-week tour when he received word he won, Myles was repeatedly surprised throughout the whole process as he learned of his wins in the earlier rounds of judging. Although tired from touring, Myles still found the energy to have a couple celebratory drinks.

"I was kind of celebrated out. I had come back from three weeks away, and kind of celebrated being back," says Myles. "Then like a day later I found out and was like, "Holy crap, I am super tired,' but I went to the Henry House and had a couple of drinks to treat myself. So that was pretty much the extent of it."

Myles joins the Bringin' it Home tour April 12 in Margaretsville, Nova Scotia.

Safety sound

One year ago, JunoFest packed local live venues, showcasing the best we have to offer the Canadian music scene. This year, in Saskatoon, Best Video nominee In-Flight Safety (who lost to Sam Roberts) was the region's lone representative at Juno weekend.

"The Saskatoon JunoFest was pretty similar to the one last year in Halifax, with an obvious lack of east coast content, however," says frontperson John Mullane. "Friday all of In-Flight Safety—and entourage—attended a show sent from heaven: Malajube, Shout Out Out Out Out and<0x00A0>DJ Champion. It was an amazing time. We later bonded with our new friends in Shout Out due to our mutual black sheep complex."

While Mullane says the band's own performance was memorable, there were many bright points.

"A major highlight of the weekend was watching Glen"—Nicholson, of IFS—"play drums for an insta-band comprised of Luke Doucet and Ron Sexsmith at the Warner party—until our new friend Jian Ghomeshi kicked him off the drums set so he could get a turn," he says. "All very surreal."

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