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lovely lisa bozikovic

lovely lisa bozikovic
  • lovely lisa bozikovic

This year Sappyfest has created the mother of all hype machines, releasing a monster compilation mix featuring songs from every artist playing the festival. So basically, there's 45 songs on there. That's your driving playlist from Halifax to Sackville. Go here and put in the code "sap2011x3d" and then enjoy some of the best Canadian music from the past year. Awfully nice of 'em. Here's the lineup for you again, in case you forgot, ya big turkey!

Owen Pallett et Les Mouches | Charles Bradley | Jon Langford & The Sadies Chad Van Gaalen | Bonjay | John K. Samson | Ladyhawk | Julie Doiron Little Scream | Minotaurs | Grimes | Nat Baldwin | Jerry Granelli | Sandro Perri Jennifer Castle | Daniel Romano | Pat Jordache | Jim Bryson | Gobble Gobble | The Acorn Andre Ethier | Allie Hughes | Apollo Ghosts | Greg Macpherson | Shotgun Jimmie Drumheller | Hidden Words | Mantler | Grey Kingdom | The Woodshed Orchestra Jon McKiel | Li'l Andy | Pat Lepoidevin Sleepy Panther | Homo Duplex | Cannon Brothers Hooded Fang | Klarka Weinwurm | Hamilton Trading Co. | The Weather Station Hash Jesus | No More Shapes | Lucas Hicks | Rich Aucoin | Fond of Tigers | Ghostkeeper Burning Hell | Maylee Todd | Long Weekends | Lisa Bozikovic | Quaker Parents

It's a little over a month until Sappytime (the fest runs July 29 - 31.) Hurryuphurryuphurryup!

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