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Down Dangerous Passes Road throws a few curves

Family is central to this journey


There are puzzles aplenty in Quebecois playwright Michel Marc Bouchard’s Down Dangerous Passes Road. The play opens as three brothers struggle through the shock of emerging from a bloody car wreck, but there is no blood to be seen. They’re deep in the woods, yet as one character keeps pointing out, even though there should be mosquitoes, there are none. And what exactly happened fifteen years ago to their drunken poet of a father, and why does it plague these sibling so? All is answered in a surprising way by the end of the play. Along the road, a lot is revealed about these brothers —-one selfish and traditional, one gay and condescending and one an uneducated good old boy—-as they push each others buttons and rehash the past. Don’t miss the chance to see this work which is filled with dreamy language, keen observations on family and fine performances.

Playing at Plutonium Playhouse, To March 12, 8PM nightly, Tickets $25/$20 advanced. Call 423-4653

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