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Don't be taken by The Fourth Kind

Alien abduction cinema reduced to Unsolved Mysteries episode.

To convince everyone that The Fourth Kind is more than a movie (it's the truth, or something), actress Milla Jovovich introduces herself by her real name, stating that she'll be using her thespian arts to honour alien-abductee Abbey Tyler. Separating performers from their subjects is a relevant idea in an era where some viewers are so incapable of telling the difference they believe Paranormal Activity is a documentary.

The Fourth Kind goes nowhere with the premise--never breaking the wall far enough to expand on the view of horror screen-personas tormenting the actors playing them in the still-creative Wes Craven's New Nightmare. Its only role is condescending to, and exploiting, audience gullibility. The movie dwells in a cheap variant of psychological terror, where events are humourlessly discussed rather than experienced, and anything amateurishly photographed is equated with reality. "What you decide is up to you," Jovovich permits us at the end, reducing cinema to an Unsolved Mysteries episode.

The Fourth Kind is not showing in any theaters in the area.

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