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Crazy Family in Church

A play you won't soon forget...


Sudden Death. A strange African disease. Extreme sibling rivalry. Sexual abuse by a priest. A picnic at the altar. Physical abuse by a parent. Spontaneous singing. Random death-defying feats while suspended from a huge tripod. Frequent flashbacks. An eating disorder. Extra-marital affairs. Manic depressive-disorder. Attachment disorder.”Jesus” in disco-wear. Glow-in-the-dark pews. Copious crying. Director/playwright Pascale Roger-McKeever’s maniacally unfocused Family in Church centres on the most dysfunctional family you will ever come across. It certainly makes for one of the most memorable plays of the season. But memorable in a good way? Go see and judge for yourself.

Lise Cormier, John Dartt Kristin Langille Dahl, Vanessa Walton Bone.

Set design: Zoe Nudell & Ben Gallagher
Sound design: Melissa Albiani
Assistant producer: Jenny Gimion

Presented at the North Street Church, 5657 North Street

• Saturday, Dec. 3rd: 3 pm, Matinee, and 8 pm
• Sunday, Dec. 4th: 3 pm Matinee, and 8 pm

Tickets: $20 & $15 (artists, seniors, students)
Tickets sold at the door: cash or cheque
To make a reservation, call: (902) 802 9921

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