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Cosmic Bubblegum gets popped, Thursday night at Lost & Found

Art opening kicks off the Obey Convention weekend.


This weekend’s Obey Convention isn’t just about pleasing the ears. On Thursday night, 7-9pm at Lost & Found (2383 Agricola) there’s an art opening from Cosmic Bubblegum, musically accompanied by ECT and The Friendly Dimension.

Sadly, just as we’ve grown to love Cosmic Bubblegum, the bubble’s been burst: Nicholas MacMillan, the talent behind the graphic design and artwork (2006-09), is moving onto other projects, including a solo recording project called Ceramic Black Panther and a new design project. “I'm starting a business customizing vintage denim jackets with look-specialist Aja Robb—-street gang style, totally tough. It's time to move on,” writes MacMillan from the Calgary airport.

MacMillan uses a lot of found images and patterns—-constructing work mostly by hand—-that speak to a 1970s-glam muse. The NSCAD grad lists his likes as: “disco record sleeves, Roxy Music, ’70s fashion store Biba, mirrors, metallic, black-on-black, pretty girls, art deco, punk cut+paste, UK psychedelia, white fur, fake jewels, black silk stockings, eyes, lips, nice hair and heart-shaped sunglasses.”

Obviously, there’s a vintage flavour to MacMillan’s Cosmic Bubblegum work, but it’s far from kitschy nostalgia. “I kind of hate nostalgia actually,” he says. “I like living right now and would prefer to romanticize the future as opposed to the past. One of the most boring, conservative ideas is that there is something better in the past, and that we need to recapture or recreate it—-that's why so much rock ’n’ roll is boring now.

“I like borrowing from lots of different eras and aesthetics, but I want to combine them into something personal that looks like it isn't of any particular era. I want the thing I create to seem like they come from no particular era—-but from outer space, or a dream.”

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