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Clone High
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Stamos! From the demented minds still bringing you Scrubs comes one of the most brilliant animated series ever. Like the iconic Daria before it, the ridiculously clever, subversive Clone High began life on MTV in 2003 and ended up on Teletoon, the Canadian network that has released this disc. The premise is best explained by the theme song: “Way, way back in the 1980s, secret government employees dug up famous guys and ladies and made amusing genetic copies.” The US government has plopped these clones of historic figures — Janeane Garofalo-esque Joan of Arc (voice of MadTV alum Nicole Sullivan), slutty Cleopatra (Scrubs’ Christa Miller), spazzy Gandhi (Michael McDonald), hapless Abe Lincoln (SNL’s Will Forte) and a spot-on JFK (Chris Miller) among them — into high school while they develop into world-dominating evil forces. The 13-episode run ended on a cliffhanger that will never be unhung since MTV canned the series under pressure from the real Gandhi’s camp. But like post-’94 Simpsons, crammed full of catchphrases and sight gags, this only season is endlessly watchable…Wesley.
Tara Thorne

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