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Chris Foster's collage life

New Civilizations imagines surreal dreamscapes

There’s still time to catch Chris Foster’s ( New Civilizations exhibit in the Corridor Gallery (1113 Marginal Road) before it is shuffled away from prying eyes and bound in a self-published book.

Foster’s works are like picture postcards of impossible dreamscapes, collages made from found images. “I produced New Civilizations over the period of two years, collecting and fitting together images until the works revealed themselves through creative process. The finished product does embody the aesthetics of National Geographics from the 1950s in their print quality and subject matter but they are printed on a much heavier stock paper.”

In early March, Foster’s collages will be released in book form as part of Eyelevel Gallery’s Reshelving Initiative Five, but until then, take a peek until January 30 at the Corridor and step into a spooky world. “They transcend time and space. Some of them are more like nightmare-scapes,” says Foster. “The collages are visual allegories discussing perceived changes in human society. They reference the past but are set in another time—not necessarily the future—maybe somewhere closer to a dream state.

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