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Blog talkin'

We asked a bushel of local bloggers to weigh in on summer trends, Halifax style and local loves.

Mo Handahu
designer at Clutch Culture and blogger at Curvy Geekery ( since 2010

TREND ALERT: Bright colors, denim that tells stories, statement jewelry, quirky prints, bright lips.

LOCAL LOVES: designer Sebastian Blagdon, street style blog Fashion East, shops Dress in Time and 50 Hats, Biscuit General Store and J&R Grimsmo

Danna Storey,
blogger at You Look Fiiine ( since 2010

“I think Halifax likes to bring the rural influence of our province to the big city---with a little glam of course. Lots of plaids, layers and heavy footwear. All things I love and things that fit in the city and the country.”

TREND ALERT: Florals, side braids, heavy boots with a nice and easy summer dress, deck shoes

LOCAL LOVES Mo Handahu of Clutch Culture, Curvy Geekery. She is talented, driven and has a wardrode that'll turn you green with envy. Three important qualities in a local blogger/style guru!

In April, the east coast fashion blogging community were doing it for themselves. The East Coast Fashion Bloggers: Unleashed! event, organized locally by Sorren Isler from classic noise, Kayla Short from Short Presents and Haute Halifax, brought 18 bloggers from across the Maritimes to Halifax to schmooze, shop and talk style.

“It was after Style Nine to Five did an east coast fashion blogger roundup that we realized just how many of us there were across the Atlantic provinces,” says Isler. “We were all chatting a bit on Twitter when somebody mentioned it'd be nice if we could all meet up, like some of the larger blogger conferences in the US, and that comment set things in motion.” The event was such a success that it was decided they would meet annual, or at least bi-annually, in different locations in the Maritimes, to touch base and reconnect with their community. “We just wanted a chance for everyone to meet, get to know each other and be able to discuss style and fashion blogging as a whole,” says Isler. “Blogging is an oddly isolating hobby and it's nice to connect with other people who share this interest.” --Stephanie Johns

Sorren Isler,
blogger at classic noise ( since 2010 Co-organizer of East Coast Fashion Bloggers: Unleashed! event

“What I love about Halifax style is that no matter the ensemble, an air of ease and relaxedness seems present. No matter the event and how chic someone is dressed, the ease of the east coast shines through---giving every outfit an effortless vibe that I find to be so amazing.”

TREND ALERT: Anything nautical (“I mean when you live on a port and do it so well how could it not?”), coloured and floral denim, bright and pastel nail art. 

LOCAL LOVES: Designer Katrina Tuttle, “the big three”: Sweet Pea, Biscuit and Twisted Muse, street style blog Fashion East. 

Kayla Short,
blogger at Short Presents ( since 2011. Co-organizer of East Coast Fashion Bloggers: Unleashed! event

“Halifax has a number of major universities, and as a result the city is filled with a relentless young energy and people from all over the world. What I love about Halifax is that each individual brings something unique to the table.”

TREND ALERT: Tangerine, orange and anything neon. Colored jeans, peplum tops, and dresses, maxi length skirts, and sky high wedge sandals.

LOCAL LOVES: Street style blog Fashion East, designers Dreamboat Lucy (“Even the name of the brand sounds romantic.”)

Krista Comeau, Meghan Tansey Whitton and Melissa Dubé,
bloggers at Fashion East ( since November 2011.

TREND ALERT: Layering is a must for Haligonians. It's great seeing people in the streets who are pushing the rules by mixing patterns, fabrics and fun colours within their layers. Men are being influenced by the 1920s and 30s style of dressing with suspenders, tailored pants, bow ties and manicured hairstyles. For women we are seeing a lot of novelty animal prints on dresses and blouses, colour blocking, a lot of sheer, light fabrics.

LOCAL LOVES: Elsie's and Lost and Found

Megan Edwards,
blogger at The Fashionable Bureaucrat ( since 2011

“I wanted to show that people who work in professional jobs or in the government can, and should, break out of the ‘power suit’ mentality. I'm 41 so I'm not really up on what the cool kids are wearing but I've noticed that most Haligonians are more casual about style and some are more daring with their choices.”

LOCAL LOVES: Designers Kim Munsen for Orphanage, Veronica MacIssac Apparel, Poison Pear Clothing, Crimson and Clover (mostly) Consignment, Elsie's Used Clothing, Pretty Things Boutique, Mahone Bay Shoe Company

blogger at House of Winchester ( since 2012

“I believe Haligonians have a down to earth sensibility with a dash of cosmopolitan. We appreciate good style and are open minded enough to recognize high fashion and love a good trip through Mills to check out the latest Marc Jacobs but, in keeping with to our Canadian roots, stay true to who we are and fully embrace a realistic way of dressing via some lululemon and a Longchamp tote thrown in for good measure.”

TREND ALERT: Anything nautical. It is very on trend right now and also speaks very much to our heritage.

LOCAL LOVE: Street style blog Fashion East. It is hands down THE best street style blog east of Montreal.

L-A and Ally,
bloggers at Fashionable People, Questionable Things ( since 2009

TREND ALERT: Classy hipster, coloured tights. But, Hali? We need to chill with the leggings-as-pants, nautical, neon coloured skinny jeans. Based on some early research, I fear “belly-shirts” are coming back. It’s a good time to be in your 30s when you can avoid this trend like the plague.


LOCAL LOVES: Veronica MacIssaac, Biscuit, J&R Grimsmo, Love, Me Boutique, Danna Storey of You Look Fiiine, Lisa Drader-Murphy of Turbine

Tosan Ikomi,
blogger at Love of Prints ( since 2011

“When it comes to style, I think everyone is unique. However, its typical to find in Halifax laid-back dress style. I like it because it gives off comfort and relaxed.”

LOCAL LOVES: Mo Handahu of Clutch Culture, Tokunbo Adedigba of, street style blog Fashion East, The Black Market and every thrift store in the city

Ashley Woodworth,
blogger at Fashion Roadkill ( since 2009

“I like it when I see someone wearing what they want and not giving a shit what other people think. It’s all about knowing your style and being comfortable.”

TREND ALERT: Whites and muted pastels, especially in denim. Sporty details like mesh and neoprene on accessories or clothing. Boat shoes, like Sperrys, in quirky fabrics and patterns.

blogger at since 2011

TREND ALERT: Bright colours, prints, pastels, neutrals, flowy fabrics, tailored pieces.


LOCAL LOVES: Biscuit General Store, Pretty Things Boutique, Mills Brothers, Kick Ass Shoes. I'm a tad frugal, but a bit of a label junkie, so I'm currently obsessing over newcomer Crimson & Clover. And I'll never pass on a trip to Frenchys.

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