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Bill Niven and Jay Dahl want to throw a $300,000 Halloween Party

Provincial funding might comes with conditions for The Book of Negroes producer.

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Bill Niven wants to throw a Halloween Party

Nearly $300,000 in funding from the province might not be enough to keep Bill Niven’s next feature in Nova Scotia.

This week, Nova Scotia Business Inc. announced feature film Halloween Party, will receive a funding commitment of $299,143 through the Nova Scotia Film and Television Production Incentive Fund. Niven’s producing the movie, which is being written and directed by Jay Dahl.

Niven, who also produced the award-winning TV mini-series The Book of Negroes and Andrea Dorfman feature Heartbeat, says although he would love to film in Nova Scotia, he is unsure whether or not that will still be possible.

“With the local film fund gone, we might have to shoot it somewhere else.”

The funding commitment provided by Nova Scotia Business Inc. is conditional, according to Niven.

“If they feel we didn’t do everything that the fund says we should it's conceivable that we wont get the money,” he says.

While it’s unsure when the film will hit theatres, the producer recently secured a theatrical distributer. Niven and crew are now working on the final stages of development, including assembling all the requirements to begin filming—especially finances.

“Really what we are doing is finalizing the financing,” he says. “That’s the big thing right now.”

Niven describes Halloween Party as a contemporary urban thriller, but wouldn’t give away much more of the plot.

“We are very excited, it’s a great project,” he says. “We have high hopes for the film. It’s going to be terrific.”

The duo have been planning the feature for roughly two years, and Niven says production would have begun last year if the Liberal government hadn’t cut the province’s Film Tax Credit.

Last year’s provincial budget axed the $24 million Film Tax Credit for a new production incentive fund. Twelve film and TV projects over the last year have received a total of roughly three million dollars in funding from the new system’s $10 million pool of money.

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