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Big in Germany is so-so in Halifax

Suspend disbelief, and this amusing little play offers some laughs


I wanted to like Big in Germany, but I found myself poking holes in the plot from the get-go. How come Alex (played by the show’s writer/director Rob Salerno) supposedly doesn’t realize is best friend Bruce (Eric Miinch) is gay, when it’s spelled out in the first scene? Why, when we never see any indication of musical talent, would this pair of would-be rock stars be big anywhere, including Germany? Why isn’t Bruce angrier at Alex for losing a MILLION dollars? Why does everything get tied up with such a neat little bow at the end? The theatrical waters may not be deep, but there is quite a bit of redeeming humour—-particularly if you know Toronto and 90’s bands—-and all three actors (including Daniel Pagett who plays a variety of supporting roles) have a winsome appeal. If you like your theatre short and sweet (with added porny bits), you’ll like this show.

The Bus Stop Theatre
6:30pm July 18-20
9:30pm July 21-22

Tickets- $15 each. Advance, Students, Seniors, and Underwaged- $12
Festival passes available for $40

Tickets for all performances are available for purchase at, by calling 429-7070, or at the door.

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