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Be an artist for a day at NSCAD

No excuses!

Be an artist for a day at NSCAD
Leah Batstone

NSCAD is breaking down the classroom walls and letting students and artwork shower into the streets of Halifax. On Saturday, May 12, the NSCAD Alumni Association is inviting the public to join professors and students at Sands at Salter near Bishop’s Landing. The free event is to celebrate the university’s 125th year, and show Halifax that NSCAD has a lot to offer. “It’s a great time to connect to the community,” said president of NSCAD’s Alumni Association, Peter Wünsch. “NSCAD isn’t in everyone’s vision, so it’s be nice for them to see and experience it.” If you’ve always wanted to practice using a weaving loom, pose for a drawing class, or mold pottery clay, Saturday is the day for that and more. For those who don’t want to get their hands dirty, several professors will be simply demonstrating the work they do. Professor Mark Bovey will be using a large steamroller to create original, beautiful prints. Bovey thinks letting Haligonians become artists for a day will help them understand the value of art and NSCAD. “It can be intimidating going into an institution or art gallery,” said Bovey. “By bringing art into the streets, we are creating a carnival aspect where anyone is welcome.”

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