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Baptized in Blood's NKOTB Tattoo

playing this sat with the motorleague and others


On the eve of the Maritime Tattoo Festival, I asked London, ON metal up-and-comers Baptized in Blood about their best/worst tattoo stories. Lead singer Johl Fendley recalls a botched tribute to his childhood heroes.
“I've had my neck and full chest tattooed but nothing will ever compare to the pain I went through getting my toes done,” he writers. “My good friend had just started tattooing and I was happy to lend my skin to practice on so I decided to get "Step By Step" on my toes (I loved New Kids On The Block when I was a little guy.) Worst decision. First stroke of the first letter I felt the worst pain I'd ever experienced and not a single drop of ink went in. So he did a second pass and again, the same crazy pain and no ink. Jokingly, I asked if he had bent the needle on the first pass. We had a look and were floored to see that it looked like a damned fish hook. For some reason I let him continue and for the next 3 hours I held my feet in place while he carved my NKOTB tribute into my toes. With a fresh needle of course.”
Hmm. Re-thinking my plans for that Joey Fatone backpiece now. Baptized in Blood plays the Tattoo Fest afterparty with the Motorleague, We’re Doomed and DJ PJ (yep, Iron Giant PJ) at Coconut Grove on Saturday for $10.

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