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Bad Milo!

Directed by Jacob Vaughan (New Artists Alliance)

Bad Milo! is a perfect example of the self-conscious comedy-horror genre---this hybrid puts comedy first and lets its camp flag fly. Hyper-stressed office worker Duncan (Ken Marino) gives sphincter-splitting man-birth to a fleshy manifestation of repressed anger. Milo is an big-eyed ass-baby with anger issues who acts on the homicidal tendencies Duncan suppresses. A consummate cast of character actors makes every scene a deviant delight. Peter Stormare is a therapist who delivers lines like, “maybe your anus is just like a vagina,” Gillian Jacobs showcases her dildo-flinging ability in a sex-dungeon fight scene and Mary Kay Place is a nagging mother in a May-December relationship. Although my viewing partner thought it was the weirdest movie she had ever seen and wanted her 85 minutes back, if you like hysterical, campy horror then you might find Bad Milo! is right up your alley---so to speak.

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