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The gents of The Corridor

So I'm an hour home from the latest Mike Leigh film, Another Year. Leigh's films always leave me in a place in my head that is both sober and buzzy. This film, like the others I've seen, has given me a lot to think about: the nature of happiness; the nature of anxiety and disquiet; what luck has to do with it all.

Another symptom of Mike Leigh: that brain burn you get from the veritable tidal wave of familiar faces in his film. Two hours of 'Hey! It's that guy!' I've been home for an hour and I've spent 45 minutes on the IMDB trying to place all the actors! Another Year features faces from The Office (UK), Extras, Harry Brown, Hot Fuzz, Bleak House, not to mention the obvious Harry Potters and the rest of the Leigh canon.

In tonight's introductory remark, senior programmer Ron Foley MacDonald let us know that many of Leigh's films are winding up on YouTube. Sure enough, a few minutes of searching yields Secrets & Lies, High Hopes and Life is Sweet. They're not there in a strictly legal sense, but there they are, ready for anyone willing to watch the 2.5hr Secrets and Lies in 14 parts on that tiny You Tube screen. Happy hunting!

The gents of The Corridor
  • The gents of The Corridor

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