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Angela Grace Arsenault does the Cannes Cannes

Locally made custom cufflinks, foxy rings at Cannes' sweet gift suite

Angela Grace Arsenault does the Cannes Cannes
Arsenault in her studio

Jewellery artist Angela Grace Arsenault started her personal business only seven months ago, and she is already spreading Nova Scotian charm across the Atlantic Ocean. The talented Cape Bretoner was invited by DPA of Los Angeles to showcase her work at the Cannes Film Festival from May 16-27.

It sounds fancy shmancy, but preparing for the big week has involved a lot of work. Arsenault must bring 25 to 30 gift pieces to the festival, which will be displayed at her table in the gift suite. She is also creating several flashy showpieces for celebrities to wear on the red carpet. “It’s really exciting when I have time to stop and think about it,” she said. “I’m going to be in the studio working every day.”

Arsenault was in shock after receiving the email invite from DPA’s Nathalie Dubois, who is responsible for bringing Cape Breton purse designer Michique and Haifax’s Turbine to Cannes in previous years. By the way Nathalie, if you’re reading this, I am free in spring of 2013 and I can knit a fab scarf.

The invite-only event at the gift suite will feature 30 international artists, designers and businesses. A representative escorts celebrities through the suite, and the invited entrepreneurs present gifts to them. Rich celebrities don’t always accept the gifts, but Arsenault has made custom jewellery to present to two dapper gentlemen, and hopes they enjoy her work.

“I make custom fox cufflinks, and I have a copper pair made with Wes Anderson in mind and a silver pair for George Clooney,” explained Arsenault. Clooney voiced Fantastic Mr. Fox in the 2009 film directed by Anderson. “I’ve been trying to catch Anderson’s attention any way possibly using Facebook or Twitter. I heard from his PR rep he’s interested.” With this girl's luck, you’d think she was making custom rabbit feet.

Animals aside, when Arsenault returns to Nova Scotia, she’ll be off traveling again, but this time no passport is necessary. The jewellery maker is heading to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal to scope out galleries to carry her work. She’s hoping the Cannes festival experience will help get her foot in the door, but I don’t think she’ll need it.

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