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All you need is Love. Kind of

Tara Thorne has lots for you to keep an eye (or two) on.

A cool theatrical production kicks off a week-long run this week at The Space (2353 Agricola) with a rendition of Fool for Love by Sam Shepard, starring local fave Christian Murray along with Pascale Roger-McKeever as a couple “obsessed with one another and haunted by the past.” (The film version was directed by the late Robert Altman.) The cast also includes veteran thesp Richard Donat—who appeared in the cast, headed by Brent Carver, of the play’s original run in Toronto—and the Aliant guy, Kelly Peck.

“Like so many Shepard plays,” wrote influential New York Times critic Frank Rich of its 1983 NYC debut, with Ed Harris and Kathy Baker, “Fool for Love is a western for our time. We watch a pair of figurative gunslingers fight to the finish—not with bullets, but with piercing words that give ballast to the weight of a nation’s buried dreams.”

The play runs at 8pm every evening until December 17, and tickets are $15 ($12 for students), possibly available at the door but you’re better off reserving at 489-6725.


Did you learn anything from watching Candles on Bay Street two weeks ago? Huh? Just off the top of our head, we personally took away the knowledge that TV movies don’t have to have sensical plots, good dialogue or an ounce of edge, nor do they expect their “name” actors to be, you know, decent. We also learned why Alicia Silverstone is doing TV movies in Halifax in the first place—apparently she has been coasting on Clueless goodwill for the past decade.

So consider those lessons as you sit down this week to Wedding Wars, the Halifax-shot MOW starring John “Uncle Jesse” Stamos and Eric “McSteamy” Dane, not to mention James “Mr. Streisand” Brolin and Bonnie “That chick who tried to steal Sandy in the first season of The OCSomerville.

This isn’t a Hallmark Hall of Fame production, which means it’s likely nobody dies from a terrible yet delicate disease, with all their pretty hair in place. Stamos plays a gay party planner who’s putting together his brother’s wedding. His brother (McSteamy) is marrying the daughter (Somerville) of the governor of Maine (Brolin), who is against gay marriage. Hilarity and theoretical political commentary ensue.

Directed by Jim Fall (The Lizzie McGuire Movie), Wedding Wars has an unusually high profile for a MOW not on HBO, probably because since it’s been in the can both Stamos and Dane have each had a career surge, Stamos on ER and Dane as a full-time cast member of Grey’s Anatomy.

Wedding Wars airs at 10pm on December 11 on A&E, channel 16 in Metro.

Movies in festivals, in auditoriums and on DVD

There will be some Halifax representation at the 2007 edition of the Sundance Film Festival, which has been making line-up announcements over the past week.

David Gordon Green’s Snow Angels, which was shot around the city earlier this year, will be one of 16 films screening in dramatic competition. Green’s other films include George Washington, All the Real Girls and Undertow. Snow Angels stars Sam Rockwell, Kate Beckinsale and Griffin Dunne.

Halifax actor Ellen Page follows up a banner year with An American Crime, playing a girl kept locked in a basement by a housewife (Catherine motherfucking Keener), which is based on a true story out of Indiana in the ’60s. The film will appear in the festival’s Premiere section, which also features Sarah Polley’s much-lauded directorial feature debut Away From Her. The Sundance Film Festival runs from January 18 to 28 in Park City, Utah.

NSCAD University’s film students will screen their fall productions at the Bell Auditorium this week. Static, Project Avery and The Prison Cell run a combined 45 minutes and will be followed by a question and answer session with the filmmakers. The screening is on Saturday, December 9 at 7pm and is free.

And finally, we know that all you Trailer Park Boys fans will be stoked to hear that the movie is going to be released on DVD on February 13.

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