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All aboard the S.S. Khandalla

CBC Radio “School of Rock” competition winners release their EP Friday

All aboard the S.S. Khandalla
S.S. Khandalla go bananas this Friday at 1313 Hollis

I didn't know Khandalla meant 'resting place of god,'" says guitarist Ryan Langdon. "That's funny. We named the band after an old steamship luggage trunk."

S.S. Khandalla's relationship to baggage from a 1930s passenger vessel is a fair description of their newest release, The Monkey Brother EP.

The indie-alternative-rock band offers four tracks that unpack The White Album's dirty underpants, Thrush Hermit's t-shirts and the lost socks of Chad VanGaalen's Diaper Island. Worn together, these garments are a whole new outfit.

"We don't want to sound derivative, or too much like the bands that we're into," Langdon says, but the EP models popular, familiar styles in fresh threads. The Windsor high schoolers won Mainstreet's School of Rock competition last year.

Named "Best teen rock band in Nova Scotia," S.S. Khandalla recorded three songs at CBC's Studio H with producer Karl Falkenham.

"But CBC kept all the publishing rights to the songs," Langdon says.

So after the summer break, the band spent two months in a basement putting new material together. Using Ableton Live and some rented equipment, they polished up their debut EP like an old boot.

"We tried to match the professional quality of the CBC recordings with a lot less gear," Langdon says.

For not yet being of legal drinking age, S.S. Khandalla has a mature sound with adult themes and heavy lifting. Langdon hopes that The Monkey Brother EP will set their sails. --Adria Young

SS Khandalla

w/Sea Glasses, Stelliform, We Need Secrets

Friday, January 20 at 1313 Hollis

free, all-ages

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