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AFF Midnight Shows: Tis Better to Give'r...

Fubar II doesn't suck, but hopefully Let Me In will

The Deaner doesn't see things much clearer without the blindfold

If you're looking for a reason to stay up late on a school night, you could definitely do worse than tomorrow's midnight screening of Fubar II at the Oxford Theatre. Terry and Dean, the most lovable hosers since Bob and Doug McKenzie, are back in Michael Dowse's sequel to his 2002 faux-documentary hit.

The Deaner doesnt see things much clearer without the blindfold
  • The Deaner doesn't see things much clearer without the blindfold

I don't remember liking the original as much as some folks did, but I do remember being impressed at how Dowse was able to sneak a surprising amount of genuine bro-love emotion into a movie better known for its depiction of copious drug and alcohol use, stupid stunts and general metalhead mayhem. After catching a screening of the sequel this morning, I can report that Dowse has pulled it off again. Fans who like the sillier aspects won't be disappointed, but even if you don't find slow-witted rawkers inherently funny, there are laughs, and a strong emotional core, to keep you invested.

The time slot also allows attendees to get in the Terry and Dean frame of mind prior to the show, either at home or at their favourite watering holes. It's not essential to enjoying the film, but you can bet a lot of people will take advantage of the opportunity to enhance the viewing experience. Probably not the screening you want to attend if you're easily bothered by a noisy theatre.

Friday's midnight show at the Oxford is also a much-anticipated follow-up, although not a sequel. Let Me In is the American remake of the Swedish vampire movie Let The Right One In - a movie that earned instant classic status in this horror lover's mind with its sombre mood and beautiful photography. The death scenes in the Swedish version are a work of painterly art that will be hard to equal, let alone top.

Yet I have reasonably high expecations. The previews are promising, and Chloe Moretz is a good choice to play the young vampire. Moretz already proved in movies like Kick-Ass and (500) Days of Summer that she's basically a 40-year-old in a kid's body, so playing a girlish-but-ancient bloodsucker should be right in her wheelhouse. That Richard Jenkins (The Visitor) joins her in the cast is another good sign.

Then again, director Matt Reeves helmed Cloverfield. So we'll have to wait and see.

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