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They'll push in those ladies, where they came out as a baby. Ain't no doubt this shit is crazy, fucking each other's moms in the Australian drama Adore. Set in a breezy, beachfront New South Wales, Naomi Watts and Robin Wright play two best friends who prove they're not lesbians by diddling each other's 18-year-old sons. It's an Oedipalpable set-up, but any incestuous trauma is thrown to the wind for more playful kissing in the waves. Watts and Wright have reservations about their affairs almost out of politeness, before giggling about it all and resuming their gross behaviour. Director Anne Fontaine, helping to adapt a Doris Lessing story, eventually gets to some conflict, but it's after an hour of decadence and a two-year time jump seemingly included just to show what great, successful boyfriends the teenagers become to their moms. It's all the depth of an Emmanuelle softcore flick, but with none of the nudity.

Adore is not showing in any theaters in the area.

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