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Acres and Acres

Folk duo launches Live at the Music Room recording series

“People would be sitting there playing cards, reading books, gazing out the window watching the country go by,” says Kris Pope, one-half, with Dave Scholten, of Acres and Acres. “Then we’d set up and do a mix of covers and our originals. The majority of the people you’re playing to are 60-plus---you don’t want to overplay your songs to people that don’t want to hear it.” Acres and Acres spent last October as “basically VIA Rail employees,” performing twice a day on trains from here to Tofino, BC. Six months later, after a run of Maritime villages---“We’ve been exploring all the nooks and crannies in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick,” says Pope, “and by far it’s been the most rewarding experience”---the duo is gearing up for summer festival season. But first they’ll be the inaugural band in the new series Live at the Music Room, in which local bands will be recorded and those recordings mixed, mastered and sold. Steve Gates will play May 18, with a few TBAs for the fall. “We had our CD release there,” says Pope. “Last time we did it with a full nine-piece band, a string quartet, and this time it’s just gonna be Dave and I.”
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