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A veteran helping veterans

Patrick Murray is a folk singer now, but his years of military service inform everything he does.

A veteran helping veterans

Patrick Murray
Saturday, November 10, 8pm
Codapop Studios, 6880 Quinpool Road

by donation

The folk singer Patrick Murray served in the navy and the air force first. "I flew on Sea Kings for a little bit and also was in the navy, basically hunting subs was my job," he says. "Submarine warfare is the technical term."

He was medically released a few years ago and has focused on music since, but Saturday's show at Codapop shows his roots: It's a fundraiser for three veterans charities: Vets Canada, NFP Paws Fur Thought (which matches service dogs with veterans and first responders afflicted with PTSD) and Rally Point Retreat (a south shore house on 320 acres, offering respite during recovery from trauma).

"I think supporting these programs is so important," says Murray from Riverview, New Brunswick, where he's a regular on the Moncton scene. "But I'm nervous to put on something like this. I've been enthusiastically nervous ever since I started music. You're scared of putting yourself out there, relying on faith really. It's different than the military, which is 'Show up at this time, I need you to take these guys and do this job.'"

Murray's been working on making music his full-time job, including a big step forward with 2017's New Beginnings, produced by JP Cormier.

"I tend to be a person who hits a little bit above my belt," he says of his decision to reach out to a very established artist to produce his debut LP. "I'm very self-motivated. I approached JP and I was at my friend's place in Texas—another veteran, he was in the marines—and I got the call and I almost dropped the phone. After our conversation I was screaming out loud like a goof. He really believed in my music."

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