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A Sight For Sewn Eyes, Halifax’s fresh princes

The tech-metal hot-boys are stoked to be back

"We approached this record by finding a pocket where we can splice chaos and beauty together without it coming out as a messy batch of undercooked cupcakes," says Andrew Benoit, guitarist for Halifax's tech-metal hot-boys A Sight for Sewn Eyes. After a 2012 debut and some time off, the band is returning with a new, self-titled LP via Toronto's Distort Entertainment, home of Cancer Bats and formerly Alexisonfire.

"It's the product of songs that we had written over two years ago, and some of our newest ideas. We wanted this record to showcase a few different styles we're aiming for. It's a bit more accessible, while still juggling our usual chaotic nature without sacrifice," he says. It totally shreds. Nine songs blend the progressions of technical metal with abrasive emo grime, like "a hardcore Disneyland," Benoit adds.

Sewn Eyes recorded the album last spring in Brampton, Ontario at BWC Studios where the band also recorded its first one, Alone Together. They had a natural chemistry with engineer Greg Dawson. "He knew exactly the sound we were going for," says Benoit, "which made this feel like an evolution from our last record."

That sound is something hard to describe, a point of pride: "We have hints of metal, punk, hard-core, post-rock and melodramatic Chinese spoken word. To some people, that's what makes us special," he says. "So we don't worry as much about what category we are trying to fit into. We care more about just writing what we want to hear." All you need to know is that it's hard as fucking hell.

With a big announcement following the Halifax show, Benoit says Sewn Eyes is stoked to be back like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Netflix. "It's one of the most classic shows ever," he says, "Sure, Geoffrey is the baddest G in the Bel, but I aspire to be DJ Jazzy Jeff on a day-to-day basis." a

A Sight for Sewn Eyes w/Scumgrief, Sleepshaker, Kirk Wayne
Sunday, August 2, 10pm
Gus' Pub, 2605 Agricola Street

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