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A New Addiction for Halifax

New musical duo, SheMachine, make their debut performance this week.

A New Addiction for Halifax
Mark Anthony Ramsay
Yeah She did.

Sometimes you just need to party, even if sexy Borg-style cops are chasing you. At least that’s the premise of SheMachine’s first music video. The Halifax duo, made up of Naomi-Joy Blackhall Butler (AQuestrya) & Stephanie Clattenburg (The Superfantastics), will be busting out some electronic dance music for their debut show at the Company House on Friday. All proceeds raised go towards funding their music video, "A New Addiction", set to start filming in May.

While the place will probably be bumpin’, there are lots of other reasons to head down to the Company House Friday night. The pair will also be selling cupcakes and a signature drink – the She-Machinni. But what’s even better then tasty treats and cleverly named drinks? The audience member rocking the best retro-futuristic duds wins a chance to appear in SheMachine’s video. Time to bust out the glitter tights.

Here’s a sparkly glimpse at SheMachine’s teaser video deluxe.

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