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A 90s Quiz with That 90s Night

DJs Jeff Pineau and Trevor Murphy share their favourite 90s things

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Jeff Pineau
Jeff Pineau & Trevor Murphy, 90s kings

*Joey from Blossom voice* Woah! Did you know that DJs Jeff Pineau and Trevor Murphy (Quiet Parade) have been bringing Halifax one of the most nostalgic dance events, That 90s Night, since July 2012? *Jesse from Full House voice* Have mercy!  Well, it's true and it's giving me Goosebumps. Tonight at The Seahorse, they're gonna hit you baby, one more time

"Musically, we stick to the overarching theme of just playing 90s jams," Pineau and Murphy tell me, "From time to time, we'll throw a theme party — like the Saved By The Bell Beach Party or Neon Night — but that's more about atmosphere and it doesn't really have any impact on the music we choose. We're 90s kids, so we have both a nostalgia and a fondness for a lot of these songs. Never really thought we'd be so psyched about S Club 7 when we were 14, but here we are."

To get you pysched for this next nostalgia trip, we're quizzing Pineau and Murphy on their favourite things from the 90s. There's nothing like a Big Shiny Tunes 2 & 3 down memory lane.

Most Listened-To Genre of the 90s
PINEAU: Grunge
MURPHY: Rap Rock

Best Fashion Trend of the 90s
PINEAU: Bleached hair
MURPHY: Snap bracelets 

Best TV Channel of the 90s
PINEAU: Much Music
MURPHY: Much Music

Best Halifax Band of the 90s
PINEAU: Burnt Black
MURPHY: Burnt Black 

Best TV Show of the 90s
PINEAU: The Simpsons
MURPHY: Boy Meets World

Best TV Family of the 90s
PINEAU: The Simpsons
MUPRHY: The Aunts from Sabrina

Best Political Event of the 90s
PINEAU: Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton scandal
MURPHY: Chrétien's "Shawinigan Handshake

Best Software of the 90s
PINEAU: MSN Messenger & ICQ
MURPHY: mIRC (Internet Relay Chat)

Best Sports Event of the 90s
PINEAU: Tyson biting Holyfield's ear off
MURPHY: Blue Jays winning 92/93 series 

Best Musical Genre of the 90s

Best Snack of the 90s
PINEAU: Fun Dip!
MURPHY: Hostess Chips with WWF Stickers

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