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30 Day Song Challenge: A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere

soul coughing - "coffee song"


I completely forget where I left off with the 30 Day Song Challenge, but I think it was something like #6. So! A song that reminds me of somewhere?

There's no big story about this one. When you grow up in southern Ontario, it's hot and shitty all the time, but if you have nice friends they'll let you stay at their cottage. My friend Mike, who was this rad weirdo who now travels the world and teaches and holds "Cotton Candy Days" at my old high school, had a great cottage somewhere on some lake in Ontario. I forget which one. Anyway, I stayed there one weekend with some good friends from high school. The lake was totally beautiful, his parents let us go by ourselves, we brought comic books and made supper every night and got drunk and it was like we were this little perfect commune.

One night we were making dinner and someone started singing this in the M. Doughty style (it's originally a Frank Sinatra song) and we laughed so much that we skipped dinner and went straight into the bonfire and the drinking. See? Not a great story. But when I hear this story I can smell fire and beer and hear the sound of Mike puking up a bunch of wine coolers (he lied and said he didn't, but we knew he did.) And now when I hear this song, I always sing it in this goofy voice. The end.

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