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March Madness 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

March Madness New Media vs Old Media: WE HAVE A WINNER

Thanks for playing, Old Media and cartoon faces 4ever

Posted By on Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 2:40 PM

Thank you, thank you
  • Thank you, thank you

We've been duking it out for 17 days now, trying to answer the age old question is journalism dead? Or rather, who's still hip and with it, New Media or Ye Olde Media? It's been a self-indulgent tournament, lots of low blows and crap talking, but in the end it was you, and your great taste that awarded the winner. If you desire a high intensity recap browse around here.


So Old Media is the winner. That's good, you all still like to read the paper on paper, dig into hard hitting investigative news and wash ink stains off your fingertips. You also like Town Criers, but we won't hold it against you. Your love for the good ol' days shone bright. We like that. But guys, COFFEE NEWS? Really? A 15th seed? I love an underdog but come ON. Was it the jokes? The trivia? Was it that Stephanie shamed you into voting for it? Did these people back you into a dark alley?


Anyway sportsfans, props for finally killing Upworthy (or should I say Downworthy, heyoooo), your other finalist and a 16th seed. That's probably the biggest victory of the tournament. Also, way to keep it fun, something tells me the New York Times wouldn't be this excited.


Until we meet next March....

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March Madness Day 16: Upworthy vs. Coffee News

So it's come down to this.

Posted By on Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 11:50 AM

This is it. Take a good hard look at what you've done. Upworthy is the BEST of the new media and Coffee News is the TOP OF THE HEAP of old media, according to you. This is what you like. This is what you read, and this is how you get your news and learn. You're really smart and do a great job finding out about the world around you. I would like to date you. You seem to know a lot about things.

Granted, I know I really strong-armed you into that Coffee News thing, but only because I love chaos. I didn't actually think you'd do it. What if next year's poll is about the best bridge for your friends to jump off? Would you do that too? I shudder to think.

This bracket really tells a sad tale:


I think you should cast your final vote today, make a dunce cap out of paper then go sit in a corner for the rest of the day.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March Madness Day 15: Upworthy vs and New York Times vs Coffee News

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

Posted By on Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 11:12 AM

The penultimate showdown is upon us. It all comes down to this. Tomorrow the game changes, finally we'll have New Media and Old Media going head-to-head. The last two weeks will seem like little spats compared to our final fight. Crank the 2 Unlimited and catch up on all the good times you missed here.


Yesterday went off without a hitch for either of our quarter final champs. Number three seed on the New Media side,, destroyed "we're number two, we're number two" seeded Al Jazeera 70 to 30 (so now it decides to add up to 100). Our elderly newsmakers over in Old Media also had a quiet and classy match up with weirdo wild card, underdog of the century Coffee News distracting the Town Crier with its dad jokes long enough to win 75-25 (again, perfect math).

But today is the most important day thus far in the tournament, it determines everything. The two "news organizations"—we use that term very loosely— that win Day 15 will face off tomorrow for the crown, the trophy, the confetti gun and all the screaming fans. Let's do this.

The bookies are scratching their heads over the New Media semi-final battle. We've got fan-favourite but total loser in the rankings (16th AKA dead last) Upworthy in one corner and third seed, the always respectable, enviable and on-point, in the other. That sounded biased, but really we all know what's going to happen, don't we? The Shocking Truth About The State Of News Media Revealed—It's Incredibly Sad And Here's Why:

Old Media looks impossible from a glance, 15th seed Coffee News is putting it all on the line to challenge our tournament favourite New York Times (again). It's a classic case of David and Goliath. The wee one-sheet flyer, that's groan-worthy jokes and time-passing content have been gracing coffee shops and Wendy's across Canada for 26 years tries it's hardest to conquer the mammoth newspaper, dense with information that really matters, that's been gracing newsstands for 163 years and has almost as many Pulitzers. Coffee News' motto is the understated "News to enjoy over coffee" and the Times' is "Who run the world? Us.".

I'm divided, but the fans are going wiiiilllllddd.


It's the final countdown guys. Vote thoughtfully and see you tomorrow!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

March Madness Day 14: vs. Al Jazeera & Town Crier vs. Coffee News

Good god this is like Sophie's choice

Posted By on Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 11:29 AM

Only two more sleeps and this whole thing ends for another year. We've been through so much together. What have we been through, exactly? Click here and remind yourself.

If you're more of a visual person than a words person, first of all, congratulations on clicking this post, and second of all, here's a helpful bracket.


Friday was so long ago, let me tell you a tale of what happened on that auspicious day. It was a close race between Upworthy and The Daily Show on the new media side, but in the end They Told This Video Sharing Site It Couldn't Win, What It Did Next Will Shock You. Then you clicked because you were bored and in a seven minute video you found out Upworthy beat The Daily Show 59 to 40 (argh, Twiigs!). The Daily Show will hereby be known as The Faily Show (is this negging? Am I negging Jon Stewart enough that he will join me in my bedroom? Have I played The Game?)

The other heat was more of a quick fizzle. The New York Times trounced Information Morning 91 to 8 (wtv Twiigs). Let's all have a moment of radio silence for Info Morn.

But it's Monday now, fools. Friday is a whisper of a memory. Let's get down to business. On the new media side we have some heavy hitters. goes up against Al Jazeera. is kind of like your intellectual and fun aunt who wears really cool statement necklaces, has authored at least a shelf-full of books, was friends with Diana Vreeland and can throw off a soufflé like it's nothing. Al Jazeera is like your gruff uncle who you'd really like to impress, but impressing usually means getting into a really heated debate about international politics over dinner after a few too many glasses of wine and eventually getting the all important bemused eyebrow raise.

Who do you love more?

The second heat of the day is one that's really important to me. I can't believe it's come to this. My beloved Town Crier is battling my equally beloved Coffee News. I feel (more) like Lucille Bluth (than usual)!


I know this is Sophie's choice. It's hard but it needs to be done. Don't make this a tie and have me choose (who am I kidding, Twiigs will never allow a tie). To help you inform your (impossible) choice, here are some of Crybaby and Coffee Talk's greatest hits:

“Tripe, piping hot, ready for supper the nicht at 8 o’clock at Jeanie Mcmillan’s, head of North Wynd. Gang hame, bairns, and tell your folks about it.”

"How does a man cut his hair on the moon? Eclipse it."

"Oyez! Oyez! Lost, stolen, or strayed, a great goose belonging to the Duchess of St. Albans—whosoever has found the same will please bring it to the crier, being of no use to any but the owner."

"What does a clock do when it's hungry? It goes back four seconds."

I can't choose. Please god have mercy on us all.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

March Madness Day 13: Upworthy vs The Daily Show and New York Times vs Information Morning

Final four, baby

Posted By on Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 2:00 PM

It's the Final Four, and thank god for that because I'm losing my voice from all this cheering. I know a tournament like this—in which New Media and Old Media battle using exciting weapons like headlines, ledes, leaks and op-eds—welcomes a more polite, golf-clap involvement from fans like you but don't hold back your passion for the news, everyone! Engage your inner angry commenter spirit! If you think I'm off my rocker, read up here. And look at this pretty bracket we've made for you:


Yesterday's match-ups revealed that OpenFile is dead in real life and in this game of ours, Wilf Dinnick's baby lost to second seed and golden child of world news AlJazeera, 78-21. Over in Old Media the Coffee News' big dumb face somehow dug itself out of 15th place to beat the very polished faces of the Halifamous Live at 5 crew 68-32. What the? If you could kindly share whatever it is you voters have been smoking with Team Coast, it'd be much appreciated.

Now today, on the New Media side of the bracket 16th seed Upworthy takes on fourth seed The Daily Show. If this were Rocky IV and all bets were off, Upworthy would totally be the gritty, in-your-face, kind of unlikeable champ boxer Rocky and Jon Stewart's The Daily Show would be the chiseled and confident Soviet powerhouse Ivan Drago, capable of killing someone in the ring but also babely like Dolph Lundgren. Let's rewrite history! If anyone can take down Upworthy and its clickbait, it's Jon.

On the Old Media side first seed New York Times is back again (anyone else thinking it's going to be NYT vs in the end?) taking on Halifax's Information Morning, which is gaining on the famous paper from a fourth seed. If this were The Mighty Ducks, New York Times would totally be the athletic and coordinated tournament favourite Hawks while Info Morning would be the skilled underdog that's capable of quacking quack quacking its way to the title (we love the NYT but believe in you, Info Morning). While we're making non-sensical comparisons, we might as well have our own Tara Thorne, a friendly voice Fridays on Info Morning, in the grizzled but loveable Emilio Estevez role, helping to make that famous Flying V play come together, beautifully. End scene.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Madness Day 12: OpenFile vs. Al Jazeera & Live at 5 vs. Coffee News

Where the elite (eight) meet and compete in a heat until someone greets St. Pete

Posted By on Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 9:42 AM

What glorious mirage is this? A fun, light-hearted poll to greet your Thursday morning coffee-and-waste-time-until-boss-walks-by-desk ritual? You're not dreaming, sister. We're rolling along with March Madness and doing little else until this thing is through. Old media battle new media in a disturbingly grisly fight until a final winner is crowned. So mote it be.

Here's a complete bracket that will take you 0.001 seconds to look at.


Before we get to the super satisfying click the poll and see the winner inch forward part, let's discuss yesterday. On the new media side, Reddit was ever so slightly downvoted by, who took the crown with their slick layout and video content.

Old media had me jumping out of my chair and waving my TOWN CRIER #1 foam finger as DJ Tricorne completely handed 60 Minutes' its ass. LET'S DO THIS, TOWN CRIER. All the way to the top!

Today another similar (secular) David and Goliath match is taking place. OpenFile is our scrappy underdog, giving itself a shaky pep talk in the locker room before facing the mighty Al Jazeera. I'll be watching this through my fingers.

I don't know if you've yet recovered over the Coffee News beating the Globe & Mail, but it happened so pass the smelling salts. Now Coffee News is putting on the foil for today's match with Live at 5. We greatly underestimated Coffee News. Coffee News had never been given a chance before and now it has something to prove. Coffee News is like Mankind, Al Snow and George "The Animal" Steele all mixed together in one sadistic package. Coffee News carves a bit of trivia into its thigh after every successful battle. Coffee News sits the locker room for hours, rocking back and forth and repeating the name of its opponent. Coffee News is coming for you. LOOK AT THIS FACE:


You can't see it, but Coffee News is standing ankle-deep in puddle of the blood and steaming entrails of its enemies.

I don't care if Starr Dobson is on your side or if she's cowering under a table, I'd be pissing myself right about now, Live at 5.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Madness Day 11: Reddit vs and 60 Minutes vs Town Crier

How is the Town Crier still in this thing?

Posted By on Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Welcome back to early-April Madness, the Coast's incredibly serious tournament in which Old Media and New Media (dead and alive) battle for the greatest prize of all, pride. If you're just catching up now, you've missed a lot of action but you can get a refresher here. If you've been waving your thunder sticks with spirit all along, we thank you. Here's the tourney at a glance:


Day 10's action saw babe of the century Jon Stewart and his equal parts brainy/hilarious Daily Show trounce the Twitter trolls 76-23. We can see the subtweets now— "Love it when phony journalists get recognition they don't deserve #overrated. Over in Old Media fourth seed Information Morning helps to bring our only radio contender (weird) closer to the finals, defeating Joe Howe's Novascotian 69-30. Congrats on defeating a local legend Don and Louise, maybe one day you'll get a Superstore named after you, too.

OK, shall we get to Day 11 before this is May Madness? On the New Media side 11th seed Reddit takes on third seed We expect a TKO because NEW YORK TIMES, this website does more in one day than I'll ever do in my lifetime. That said, Reddit works in mysterious ways. Reddit lovers are everywhere, and they are always online, and they're probably watching me type this somehow. Hi guys! Sorry I called you neckbeards last time! Please don't kill me or host an AMA about killing me!

In Old Media sixth seed 60 Minutes lubes up in Ben Gay to take on 14th seed and total mouthpiece Town Crier. An aged television show where the journalists really listen to peoples' stories and then thoughtfully share them versus an intense dude who just yells things at you. Well, I guess that's kind of what Andy Rooney used to do. Maybe these two contenders should just team up and call it a day.

Vote hard!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Madness Day 10: Twitter vs. The Daily Show & Joe Howe's Novascotian vs. Information Morning

#Eliteeight. Trend it.

Posted By on Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 1:01 PM

Hoo boy! It's my turn at bat again today, and I couldn't be happier. We are so tantalizingly close to finding out who will rule the day in our New vs. Old Media March Madness that I grow dizzy at the thought of it. Maybe I also grow dizzy because I spent a large part of last night sitting beside an old oil tank. But that's a story for another blog post. Probably one about an all ages show or something?

Click here for a refresher on what this bracket business is all about or if you also lost a few brain cells breathing in oil fumes last night.

The bracket with the latest crop of winners in all its glory:


As you and I and the layer of saran wrap on your toilet seat this morning know, it's no longer March so I'm gonna get a shimmy on and move along. Here's what happened yesterday: Upworthy beat Buzzfeed by 19 or 20 percentage points (DAMN YOU TWIIGS POLLS!), armchair activism won out over pictures of old toys under some kind of theme after all. But respect to Buzzfeed for funding some great writing lately. This article is a doozy, for instance.

New York Times walloped the Chronicle Herald 79 to 20, according to this completely messed up polling system that I did not invent. WHITHER THE ONE PERCENT? I'll tell you, they're at the New York Times. ZING! Consider that custom roast is the equivalent of me pouring one out for my Chronicle Herald bruh-bruhs in their time of loss.

Today the pint-sized-in-character-count but king-sized-in-character powerhouse Twitter faces off against The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Twitter recently took a swing at Stewart's buddy Stephen Colbert with last Thursday's #CancelColbert campaign over a potentially out of context (but does it matter?) racist satire. You are going to have to Google that on your own, my friends. Will the sharp keystrokes of Twitter overtake yet another satirical news show? Idk. I really dk.

And on the right side of the bracket (but the wrong side of technological advances), Joe Howe's Novascotian squares off with Information Morning. I'm still stinging over signal flags' big loss to Joe "Good Superstore" Howe. Think of the rhythmic gymnastics you could do with the flags while not in use! Dual purposes! But how can you really compete with Information Morning's sweet, non-intrusive airwaves and the valuable information they carry?

OK, go to it.

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Monday, March 31, 2014

March Madness Day 9: Upworthy vs Buzzfeed and New York Times vs The Chronicle Herald

March is almost over, but this competition is not

Posted By on Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 11:42 AM

It's Monday and we're happily entering ROUND TWO of our March Madness bracket brouhaha, where the showdowns are even more cut-throat and the jokes are even lamer. Our March Madness is all about New Media and Old Media going head-to-head, battling to see who's still relevant. Here's a little background if you're new to the sport and you can check out the full bracket below.


The final face-offs of the first round packed a mild heat on Friday. In Old Media the dad jokes and trivia reared their ugly (but really accessible) heads and The Coffee News—a 15th seed—demolished The Globe and Mail, 71-28. It doesn't make sense, you say, but the New Media match makes even less sense. In the first-ever time one of these poll's votes have actually added up to 100 percent...we have a TIE! What!? Fifteenth seed non-news platform that somehow squeezed into this tournament, Instagram, split the vote with second seed, Al Jazeera. It's even more confusing than why the votes didn't add up in the first place. Anyhow, in a very official and sportspersonlike matter I've flipped a coin to award Al Jazeera bragging rights. Team Instagram probably too busy picking a filter to even notice. Valencia would probs give a nice moody defeat feel.

Today in New Media's round two we have 16th seed Upworthy taking on 8th seed Buzzfeed. Clearly ranking means nothing on this side of the bracket, and we're OK with that. Underdogs and upsets forever! These to share-friendly sites are going to have a hell of a time defeating each other. Upworthy's This Is The Only Video You Ever Need To See Ever In Life packs heat but Buzzfeed's 67 Thoughts Everyone Has When They Go To Starbucks is...OK that's a horrible example. Regardless, these two competitors get each other, they're playing the same game, the tug-on-your-heart-strings-appeal-to-your-nostalgia-pique-curiousity-waste-your-god-damn-time-game. One difference: Buzzfeed writes some really great long-form features some times. So, journalism! Isn't that what this who thing is about? Er...

Over here on the seniors' side we put our press cards in our hats before tipping them to number one in the Old Media pool, New York Times and eighth seed our local daily the Chronicle Herald. Both of these newspapers still print real hard copies that people read, what champs! But only one of them is the New York Times, so there's that. Vote local or vote legend.

Thanks for playing, more fun tomorrow.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

March Madness Day 8: Al Jazeera vs Instagram and Globe & Mail vs Coffee News

"Where your ad is seen 3 meals a day, 7 days a week!"

Posted By on Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 11:11 AM

Hard to believe we've been Madnessing for 8 days a week so far, but it's true. If you are late to the party, click here for a catch up. Also, if you know what I'm talking about, take a good hard look at yourself. Votes were dismal. Do you stop functioning with a bit of snow on the ground? Yeesh.


Let's look over yesterday's heats. OpenFile suggested/aggregated its way to the next round with 55 percent over Huffington Post's 44 (listen, don't ask me why they don't add up, it's a poll thing and I don't care to look into it. They beat them. End of story). On the old media side, Live at 5 beat out The (late) Daily News, the warm smile of the benevolent Steve Murphy approves of this.

Eight days (minus weekends) seems so long ago now so I can't remember why our addled brains decided to include "Instagram" in new media. It's media, sure, but does anyone get news this way? I guess if you consider pictures of brunch and legs/hotdogs news, then yes.

Instagram is up against the mighty second seeded Al Jazeera. I predict this to be a complete blowout, it's brains against beauty! Let's do this!

In the old media category, it's paper versus paper. Globe & Mail goes head to head with Coffee News. Sure, the Globe & Mail has a lot of pages and long investigative pieces, arts sections, beautifully laid out style and food spreads and Beppi Crosariol, but the Coffee News has such gut-busters as "bacon and eggs walk into a bar, the bartender looks them up and down and says 'we don't serve breakfast here.'" So needless to say, this is going to be tough.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Madness Day 7: Huffington Post vs OpenFile and The Daily New vs Live at 5

On today's episode of Long Island Medium...

Posted By on Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 1:01 PM

The Maddest thing about March thus far is this gosh darn side-wind snowstorm but I'm a sports writer not a meteorologist, damnit. And in bracket town things are scorching hot, with daily battles of New Media vs Old Media that have yielded pretty unsurprising results thus far. If you haven't caught on by now...why the hell are you even reading this? (But sincerely, thank you for doing so.)

Break out that penny-filled pop bottle and give 'er a shake for these jocks, here's the whole nine yards in a pretty picture.


Yesterday was a bit of a snoozer on the New Media side, with third seed and predicted victor using its brains and brawn to send 14th seed Facebook to the cleaners 66-33. We're guessing voters have seen one No Makeup Selfie too many in the ol' feed. Over on the Old Media court the 14th seeded, smack-talking Town Crier took out veteran player and third seed Broadsheet in a welcomed upset. Apparently running your mouth pays off. NEXT!

Despite the weather, battle conditions are clear and today in New Media we've got an interesting pairing—seventh place Huffington Post and a back from the dead, 10th place OpenFile go head-to-head. So who's it gonna be? Ariana Huffington's international empire, with its hooking headlines (it's currently calling this storm 'Sno Angel, lol), its Pulitzer Prize, its (PHOTOS), its Weird News, Style, Entertainment, Politics, Sex, Gossip and so on, or OpenFile (RIP fallen soldier), Wilf Dinnick's community journalism site, where reader-suggested stories dug deep, Morning Files greeted us daily like a warm cup of joe and a fall 2012 "hiatus" was actually the end. This is a toughie. On one hand HuffPo is known for not paying its bloggers because EXPOSURE, GUYS, it's more powerful that paying your bills. On the other hand, a long list of OpenFilers were left without paycheques when the site shut down and pretty sure there are still some freelance journalists waiting for their well-earned monies. So, do we vote based on the quality of the content that comes/came out of these media, or the penny-pinching dicks that run/ran the show? You decide.

Apparently I'm pretty much Theresa Caputo today because over at Old Media we're resurrecting seventh seeded Halifax Daily News back from its grave to challenge 10th seed Live at 5 and its star, Bruce Frisko's hair. Can a dead paper win a fight? I think it's possible. The 29-year-old Daily News may have shut down unexpectedly six years ago but dudes, those wounds are still fresh. We're still a one (local daily) paper town, which is never a good thing. Also if this paper could stop Celine Dion from coming to town it can pretty much do anything. But can the zombie version of the Daily News take down the Maritimes' TV elite, the 32-year-old magazine show, with its Milestones, Maritimers of the Week, its Frisko and all the awkward jokes your heart could ever desire? Yes this show has changed, Cindy Day will never be Nancy Regan (although, today she's earning her keep), but Live at 5 is seemingly un-killable, and it comes to battle packing heat in the form of hairspray. That shit burns the peepers.

That's all for today, folks. Long live journalism and may your shovelling not break your back.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Madness Day 6: vs Facebook & Broadsheet vs. Town Crier

Oyez, oyez, oyez! I have a large bell, listen to me!

Posted By on Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 1:55 PM

Click here to get caught up, because we are in Day 6 of our New Media vs Old Media March Madness bracket and I really don't have an patience for lollygaggers. No child left behind? Don't hold your breath, kiddo.

Let me show you what I'm working with:


First, as always, we recap yesterday. You don't put your shoes on before you put your pants on, after all. Although I have done that once or twice and it's usually doable.

60 Minutes beat the Global Morning Show, 76 to 24—pour me a McCafe, Mac, and keep 'em comin'. Reddit trounced Vice, 74 to 26, and I will be frank, I kind of thought that battle was going to be even more of a blowout. I'm sure any mention of this got downvoted into the sub-sub-Reddit basement and drowned in Mountain Dew (listen, I know that's not how it works).

Today is another day, versus Facebook. What will you choose? Brainy, carefully considered content, Bill Cunningham, original video, slideshows and the intense experience of jealousy because you don't live in New York? Or a group of your stupid friends and family incessantly poking you because they don't know any better? Although I love it like Manchu Wok, by now I think I've hidden more people than I'm even friends with—here's a tip: DON'T LEAVE THE LINK IN YOUR STATUS WHEN YOU POST SOMETHING! Delete it, it's so much cleaner and less blood pressure raise-y. In conclusion, it's likely the most annoying of all social media.


The old media category can be summed up thusly: Are you a reader or a listener? Broadsheets and broadsides are the original no-muss, no-fuss layouts. Just a giant, honking block of text, type painstakingly set by hand on a press, perfect for your rambling political screed, ballad or whatever Hif Royal Majefty The King, in his Infinite Wifdom, (don't tithe me, bro) happens to want to tell you that day. Broadsheets are still going strong today, but happen to have a lot of sidebars now because TV probably. If, like me, you like to have your news yelled at you at top volume by a man in an interesting hat (like, does your hat even HAVE cornes, Trish?), then the Town Crier is your man. Doling out such golden nuggets of town gossip as:

"On being told that at this season of the year they could catch nothing but salmon, Barlow stated that the other night they had caught nine shillings worth of flukes, and we have good authority for saying that this statement was correct. Gibson, striking his fist on the table, solemnly swore that, 'he had not killed a salmon since they were cried down {emphasis added} and another affirmed that it would be no use killing them as they were not fit for pigs, much less Christians.'" —something someone said in 1845.

WHOA WHOA HOLD UP salmon isn't fit for pigs/Christians? Try telling that to every brunch place ever, dead dude! Clearly this was the most TMZ-ish town crier, right? Gibson better check himself, for real.

I think it's clear which one is the most interesting though.

Votez, votez, votez!!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

March Madness Day 5: Vice vs Reddit and 60 Minutes vs Global Morning Show

Those stories and Andy Rooney (RIP) tonight at

Posted By on Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 10:33 AM

Unlike the real March Madness, you know the one with all the actual athletes, absolutely nothing happened this weekend in our tournament. Even though the news never sleeps, our competitors had their feet up, slacks off, de-stress gel masks on and the polls were closed. So here we are on Day 5 of media beatdowns. And if you're curious as to what in god's creation I'm rambling about, take a gander here and check out the bracket below to get your head in the game.


Friday's matches saw two pretty embarrassing defeats. We said na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye to 13th seeds (sex might sell but it doesn't win games...also, thank god doesn't exist, I hope) which was defeated by The Daily Show 82-17, while Information morning sent a fully-clothed Frank, and all its salary lists and un-sexy local affairs, packing, 74-25. Surprising? I think not.

Today's brawls will be interesting, for sure. The first is sure to be a dirty fight, the 6th seeded Vice army takes on the 11th seeded Reddit. Hipsters vs neckbeards, vulgar humour vs troll town, mega-features vs mega-memes. OK, real talk, Vice tackles stories mainstream news wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole and a hazmat suit. A wealth of weird information, this organization totally started from the bottom (or you know, government funded in Montreal) now the whole team fuckin' here (here being, worldwide and worth 1 billion+). But can the international crew of brainiacs over at Vice Media be down voted by Reddit? If it was a battle of design, 100 percent. (Seriously Reddit, why you gotta look so bad?) But the power of the Reddit in-crowd and its scary, internet blackhole—full of more strange news sharing, cute puppies and scary web etiquette snobbiness—is mighty. I've been harsh. Reddit is ugly in many ways, but it also does rad AMA (Ask Me Anything Q&As) with rad people (tomorrow Lauren Graham, Heather Matarazzo and Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example). Keep those up and get a re-design (and maybe some female trolls) and maybe we can hang out more. Enough about me, VOTE.

Over in TV Land, we get a little meta battling Old vs New in the Old Media category. Sixth place 60 Minutes, investigating crazy shit since '68 and winning over 100 Emmys while doing so, takes on new-to-you 11th seed Halifax's Global Morning Show. Shots to the body only, everyone, keep those faces camera-ready. 60 Minutes are major old media veterans, they've done great ground-breaking stuff and have also been accused of promoting people, books and music represented and promoted by companies related to Viacom (which used to own CBS). Not classy. Also, 60 Minutes without Andy Rooney is weird (RIP). Global's chipper crew is basically 60 Minutes if they were younger, more attractive morning people, who are more into lifestyle pieces than hard-as-a-rock (and as interesting as one, too) news. Will local people covering local issues and wearing super big smiles beat out TV legends? Is there REALLY McCafe in those cups guys? TONIGHT.


Re-caps and more rambling, tomorrow.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

March Madness Day 4: The Daily Show vs. & Info Morning vs. Frank

How perfectly saucy

Posted By on Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 9:48 AM

Has this really only been going on for four days? Unfortunately the answer is yes, and instead of thinking about what else you could be doing with your time, let's take a portion of Friday to judge the media (for once, am I right?). March Madness rolls on with another sizzling match up, and this one may even be just N S enough F W. Click here for our introductory post and squint at the full bracket below.


Today's heats in the new media category are The Daily Show versus (because TV is new? Listen, just don't question it too much), and in the old media category, Information Morning versus Frank Magazine (because radio and print is WAY OLD).

Before we get into the mix with those dudes, let's recap yesterday. Talk about a close call! Sweet creepin' Christ, you could barely slip a communion wafer between these results! Joe Howe's Novascotian won out over signal flags 52 to 47. I had a sneaking suspicion that signal flags were going to win this thing because the feeling of going "haha signal flags" and clicking was just too delicious. I was very nearly right.

Nick Denton's brain lost to everyone else's brain 48 to 51 in the Gawker versus Twitter battle. He has the plant, but we have the powerrrrr.

But yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery, today is a gift and that's why we call it the present. In this instance, it's an erotic gag gift at your bachelorette. It's Friday and it's getting hot in here. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart bumps booties with, and it's anybody's game! Which form of new media is the most arousing to you? Sexy, sexy Jon Stewart, with all his brightly burning rage at the world's injustices? Ooh papi, you can take out your rage at the Republican party on my'ass. Or boobs on the news? They're just hangin' out there, while someone reads the news. DAD JOKE ZONE: They must save a bundle on the wardrobe budget under there! CHILD: Under where? DAD: Nope! They aren't wearing "UNDERWEAR" either! CHILD: Oh, Dad.

The cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon. Vote!

In an equally sexual category is Information Morning versus Frank Magazine. Connolly and Renault's husky radio voices could launch a thousand ships. Be careful out there, drivers, there's a three-person pileup on the highway of my heart! And Frank Magazine... likes to shame porn actors? idk, really. That's not very sexy. I'll admit that one was a stretch. Fun fact: Both of these outlets have featured/continue to feature our own Tara Thorne! That's sexy! Also, there's totally something illicit about flipping through a few pages of Frank in the grocery line. What if someone catches you? You naughty thing.

Vote hard today, as there will be no weekend voting.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 3: Gawker Media Group vs Twitter and Signal flags vs Joe Howe's Nova Scotian

ICYMI this is really fun

Posted By on Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 12:02 PM

Oh boy, it's only Day 3 and this competition is scorching already. It's looking like there won't be many blow-outs around these parts, and we're OK with that. Bring on the nailbiters. Today's match-ups are pretty unpredictable, Gawker Media Group vs Twitter in #newmedia and we're going way, wayyyy back on the old media side with Joe Howe's Nova Scotian vs signal flags. And if you have no idea what I'm going on about, click here.

But first, yesterday. In a battle of new newsmakers, our local subscription-based news-breaker allNS was taken down by everyone's favourite time waster, BuzzFeed (I'm late posting this because I really needed to know What City I Should Actually Live In, OK?) It was a 58-41 defeat and I could give you 64 reasons why this happened, but I've got more bracket to discuss.

The oldies-but-goodies race was a tight one too, but Halifax's indie daily, the Chronicle Herald, narrowly defeated national weekly Maclean's (sorry Adrian) in the end, 52-47. There's a reason the Herald is the last surviving daily in town...ain't nothing gonna break its stride, apparently.


OK, back to today. Fifth seed Gawker Media Group is an intimidating pack to come face-to-face with, sharing hot goss, hard news, life hacks, cute puppies and more essentials via Gawker, Jezebel, Gizmodo, Dead Spin, Life Hacker and the rest of the gang. But Twitter, man. The 12th seed antisocial media king pin Twitter, its ICYMIs, FWIWs, FFs, TBTs, tinyurls and #s. So Gawker provides us some seriously great reading material, but also inspires/evaluates/determines the successes of its writers with the Big Board, which tracks the 10 top posts all day, every day and this is why baby animals are the new journalism. And Twitter is #sorrynotsorry about all that subtweeting. They both have evil sides, but have both changed the face of news sharing. It's anybody's game.

On ye olde side we have the fifth seeded local hero and namesake of the best Superstore in town, journalist and politician Joe Howe (and his Novascotian) taking on 12th seeded signal flags. So basically, a history-making man's legacy against coloured pieces of cloth. OK so they're not just cloth, they're a creative way of representing letters of the alphabet so ships can communicate. And they've probably never been accused of libel. But can they really take down Halifax's (er, British North America's) OG muckraker?

Thanks for playing, friends! See you tomorrow.

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