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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Watch: A teaser for the Halifax Cat Fanciers' Society Cat Show

A peek at the proceedings and heats from the Biennial Spring Classic last summer

Posted By on Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 12:21 PM

Kathleen Prinsen and the award-winning Florian
  • Kathleen Prinsen and the award-winning Florian

Today at The Coast, watch the trailer for Cat Show, which chronicles the competition and heats between Halifax's north-end cats and their owners, all participants in the Halifax Cat Fanciers' Society's Biennial Spring Classics. The trailer is a pitch for a potential satire (catire?) web-series, based on real life events. In 2013, Kathleen Prinsen's tabby Florian vied for top spot in a Windsor Street attic. In 2015, the competition at The Khyber took nips and turns unforeseen in cat show history. This is a look back two years and a sneak peek at the next Biennial Classic. 

A pitch for the Independent Production Fund, which supports Canadian-made web-shows, Cat Show previews a series that could be produced by Adam T. Burke, Everardo RamirezGlen Matthews and Prinsen, formerly of SwearNet. The series follows a short film produced by Burke and captures nail-biting feline trials, the motivations of cat owners in competition, plus glamour shots and backstories of the majestic Maynard (owned by Cheryl Hann), the self-abusing Gravey (owned by Hugh Stewart) and Florian, the cat's meow.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Meet the dazzling stars of Hali-Wood Squares

Eastern Front Theatre's annual live game show full of ooo's and xxx's

Posted By on Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 9:00 AM


From the 1960s until the early 2000s, NBC's Hollywood Squares was one of the most popular game shows on television. Every-day contestants could win cash and prizes by playing question-and-answer Tic-Tac-Toe with well-known celebrities. Part of the show's allure was the candid look at the personalities of stars usually only known via script. It was a good old-fashioned hoot. 

Now in its fourth episode, Eastern Front Theatre will present Hali-Wood Squares this Friday at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (1675 Lower Water Street, 8pm, $20) as a fundraiser for the Halifax theatre company. With returning 'squares' and new first-timers, EFT's director Jeremy Webb has planned a very special night of live comedy and music for this hilarious live game show. To make it extra fun, audience members can volunteer as contestants.

Your Host: JC Douglas
How you know him: Former station manager, Q104FM
Local actor, current host of the C100FM Morning Show

Andy Fillmore 
How you know him: Former Dean, Dalhousie School of Planning
Manager at "HRM By Design," and current Liberal MP for Halifax

Mayor Mike Savage
How you know him: Former Liberal MP for Cole Harbour, 
current Mayor of the Halifax Regional Municipality since 2012

Mary Lou Martin
How you know her: Arts educator, instructor at Halifax Dance
Artistic director of the Chester Playhouse, Chester, Nova Scotia

Fat Apollo 
How you know him: Voted Best Local Character, Sexiest Person
and Most Hali-Famous by Coast readers, and a Hal-Con mainstay 

Centre Square: Cathy Jones 
How you know her: Creator and star of This Hour Has 22 Minutes
since 1992, former star of CODCO, 18-time Gemini Award winner

Cyril Lunney
How you know him: The star of CTV Atlantic's Morning Live show
since 2003, as well as a local minor football and hockey coach

Louise Renault
How you know her: co-host of CBC's Information Morning and host
of CBC Radio One's Daybreak, bilingual voice actor and performer

Heather Rankin 
How you know her: Juno-award winning singer in The Rankin Family
and The Rankin Sisters, soon releasing solo album, film & TV actor

Lisa Drader Murphy
How you know her: Canadian fashion designer with label Turbine 
since 1997 and her store LDM, Progress Club Woman of Excellence 

Your Musical Guest: Ian Sherwood
How you know him: A multiple Canadian folk music award winner
and ECMA nominee with his 2014 album, Everywhere To Go 

Host: JC Douglas (C100FM)
  • Host: JC Douglas (C100FM)

(Lib) MP Andy Fillmore
  • (Lib) MP Andy Fillmore
Mayor Mike Savage
  • Mayor Mike Savage
Mary Lou Martin
  • Mary Lou Martin

Fat Apollo
  • Fat Apollo
Cathy Jones
  • Cathy Jones
Cyril Lunney (CTV)
  • Cyril Lunney (CTV)

Louise Renault (CBC)
  • Louise Renault (CBC)
Heather Rankin
  • Heather Rankin
Lisa Drader-Murphy
  • Lisa Drader-Murphy

click image Ian Sherwood
  • Ian Sherwood

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Monday, November 16, 2015

D's Nuts: Tickets for Gerry Dee's arena tour on sale today

The star of CBC's Halifax-filmed Mr. D returns with his comedy show in May

Posted By on Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 11:39 AM

  • c/o Gerry Dee

You probably know Gerry Dee from his hit CBC comedy, Mr. D, filmed every summer in Halifax.  But you might also know Dee from his appearances on Just for Laughs, NBC's Last Comic Standing and many more. The former teacher turned actor was first a stand-up comic. And on May 27, Dee brings his arena-sized comedy tour back to Halifax. It'll be the only chance to see him in 2016, and tickets go on sale today! On this tour, Dee says, he'll "touch upon marriage, fatherhood, and years as a teacher with trademark humour," also drawing on his experience as the creator, principle writer and star of Mr. D (Season 5 premieres on January 19!). If nothing else, it'll be a chance to reference Vine-meme sensation "deez nuts" for the next six months. 

Visit Ticket Atlantic for more info and to purchase tickets. 

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Watch this wrestling promo for GussleMania

Only one champion will take home the Gus' Pub Championship Belt

Posted By on Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 2:18 PM

The Graboid VS The Smoke Break Kid - ANTHONY CONROD
  • The Graboid VS The Smoke Break Kid
  • Anthony Conrod

Alright wrestling fans, you think you're the cream of the crop? If you're such a high-flyin' hot-shot then why don't you watch this promo for the most anticipated wrestling event of the season.

Next Sunday, GussleMania: Showcase of the Mortals goes down only at Gus' Pub (October 11, 8pm). We'll finally get to see a step-ladder match between long-time pub rivals, Jake "The Smoke Break Kid" Thurgood and the Gus' Pub Champion The Grapplin' Graboid. Only one of them will take home the Gus' Pub Championship Belt. Only one of them will be a loser. 

With guest appearances by comedians Merv Hartlen and Steve Mackie, and wrestling-themed music from The Ring Rats and The B+ Players, it's gonna be some hard times, brothers. 

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Q & A with L.A. comedy duo Cheap Smokes

Comics host variety show with 22 Minutes & the Trailer Park Boys on Wednesday night

Posted By on Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 2:16 PM

Smokes, let's go - TONY LOMBARDO
  • Smokes, let's go
  • Tony Lombardo

Tomorrow night at The Company House, Toronto/L.A. comedy duo Cheap Smokes (Kaitlin Mamie and Laura Danowski) are presenting a variety show that'll satisfy all of your comedy cravings (8pm, $7). The show will feature special guests Adam Christie (This Hour Has 22 Minutes), Heidi Brander (This Hour Has 22 Minutes), local comic Dan Hendricken and appearances by cast members from The Trailer Park BoysSmokes, let's fuckin go

Now based in L.A., the comedy duo has appeared on Just for Laughs, MTV Canada, Sirius XM Radio and their own comedy miniseries about their move to L.A. They're in town filming sketches for TPB's SwearNet. Mamie says, "We've been shooting a ton of ridiculous sketch comedy over the past few weeks, we're really excited for people to see what we've been doing. It's going to be super funny." Gotta subscribe to that SwearNet. Danowksi says it's time to get greasy. 

Tell me about your backgrounds. You're both from Ontario?

I grew up in a small town called "Pembroke, Ontario" that's been known to be pretty wild. The highlights are murals, retirement homes, and East Side Mario's on a Friday night. I met Laura in the comedy program at Humber college in Toronto. The story goes, I went over to her house, she microwaved me some tea, and we've been best friends ever since. We became instant friends and soon realized we had the same sense of humor and started a sketch troupe.

Laura: I'm from a small town with one stop light called Thamesford. It has a festival called Calithumpian and the town crowds around a giant field with cows. The field is set up like a bingo grid and wherever the cow poops, you can cross off your bingo sheet. When you get a line or 4 corners you have "Bingo" and you win a tractor. Pretty cool if you ask me. I am very glad I moved to Toronto. Kait and I have been performing together for eight years and still going. 

How did you get wrangled up with the Trailer Park Boys? 

 They basically found our Youtube channel, watched some of our videos and realized we were insane and completely unafraid to do almost anything. We met the boys in Los Angeles, drank a giant bottle of tequila out of red plastic beer cups and immediately hit it off. 

Who is your favourite character on the Trailer Park Boys? 

I really love them all. It's a very safe answer I know, but after meeting them all in person I really can't say I have a favorite. Dancing: Ricky. Drinking: Bubbles. Cutie Pie: Julian.

Laura: I love them ALL although I do feel like Bubbles and I were separated at birth. We both love to say "yes" to anything and we hate when the party's over. They are all the best and made us feel like we've known them for years. We all got along handsomely. 

Do you perform stand-up as well as sketch? Or sketch and some stand-up?

Our performing style is a bit of a mixture of sketch and improv with a little bit of stand-up. We really like to involve the audience. We tend to be really interactive and extremely physical. I'd say we burn about 500 calories a show, easily. Can't stop, won't stop! We're very silly and fun. We've been described as being "a party onstage," which pretty much sums us up.

Laura: It's hard to describe us onstage, you kind of just have to come and watch. I'm not going to say that we don't do fart and poop jokes but I am going to say that we love fart and poop jokes and do them often. We each do character stand-up if one of us can't do a show.

What's next for Cheap Smokes after Swearnet wraps? 

Kaitlin: We're hoping to get a sketch comedy show on television. This really is an incredible time to be a female in comedy and we are so happy to be part of it. We'll be going back to L.A. We'll continue to do live comedy and film videos for SwearNet and our Youtube channel. And continue to share a luxurious one bedroom apartment in Little Armenia. Hollywood, here we come!

Laura: Someday I won't live in the living room of our one bedroom apartment but I hope we will work together forever. We say that when we (if ever) get husbands and a family that we will live right beside each other. Hopefully you'll see us next with our own show.

Check out their comedy videos now; get your chicken fingers ready for tomorrow. 

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Newlywed Game with Chris Locke and Kathleen Phillips-Locke

Toronto's funniest comics stand-up at The Khyber tonight for EAT PRAY LOL

Posted By on Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 12:51 PM


In a special episode of The Scene, one cool couple will prove their love with random questions for a chance to win The Coast's Newlywed Game with your host, me, Adria Young

Thanks for tuning in. Let's meet our contestants! 

Chris Locke
  • Chris Locke
Today on the show, we have Toronto comics and lovers Chris Locke and Kathleen Phillips-Locke. This dashing pair observed their second wedding anniversary on August 29: "We celebrated by eating take-out and watching Deliverance on TV," Philips-Locke tells me. Now that's romance.

As actors and performers, life imitates art: both are in Halifax this week wrapping up Season 5 of CBC's Mr. D, on which they play "sexy swingin' couple Emma and Ted Terdie." Also a member of Toronto comedy troupe Laugh Sabbath, Phillips-Locke was in Winnipeg earlier this summer shooting the first season of Sunnyside, a new sketch show airing on CityTV on September 27 (soon available online). 

Meanwhile, hubby-hubby finished a summer of touring across Canada with a final show at Montreal's Just for Laughs. Locke also continues his weekly podcast sensation, Utopia To Me? with some of the country's funniest comedians. This follows the success of Locke's comedy album, The World is Embarrassing, which he released last February; the album sold very well on iTunes and is still being played constantly on SiriusXM.

I'm already laughing! 
Kathleen Phillips-Locke
  • Kathleen Phillips-Locke

Tonight at The Khyber, Locke and Phillips-Locke will perform stand-up at EAT PRAY LOL 4 with local hero and comedy whiz Mark Little and your host, fellow funny-guy Everardo Ramirez (8:30pm, pay what you can). If tonight will be anything like Locke's last visit to Halifax, you better bring a change of underpants. To replace the ones you'll pee in. From laughing so hard. 

But before tonight's show, the lovely duo has agreed to play The Coast's Newlywed Game ("As long as it doesn't ruin our marriage," says Phillips-Locke). Please sit through the entire 1970s TV show theme-song while pretending this picture of original game-show host Bob Eubanks is actually me. 

Adria Young as Bob Eubanks
  • Adria Young as Bob Eubanks

Let's begin the show! Thanks to Chris and Kathleen for joining us.

Chris and Kathleen have answered revealing questions relating to their relationship, but neither have seen the responses until now. Are they a match made in comedy heaven? You decide.

Question 1: When you met, who approached whom first? 

Chris: We both touched the same dead dog at the same time to ask, “You okay, buddy?” And then looked up into each other’s eyes and the rest is herstory.

When we met, the feeling was mutual. We both felt nothing for each other until about ten years had passed.   

Question 2: When you first moved in together, what item of each other's did you hate?

Chris:  The laughing urn.

I hated his pile of writhing garbage bags. 

Question 3: What record in your collection does the other hate?

Chris: Any Animal Collective where Avey Tare sings.

Kathleen: Chris is not fond of my "Pope John Paul II LIVE from the Vatican" CD. 

Question 4a: What is Chris' favourite TV show?

Chris: Right now my favourite show is the Blue Jays. 

Kathleen: I think it's called "Motorcycle Friends." 

Question 4b: What is Kathleen's favourite TV show?

Chris: House Buyers. 

Kathleen: I think it's called "Lena Dunham's Zone." 

Question 5: Whose farts smell the worst?

Chris: The laughing urn. 

Kathleen: It's a mystery. We vowed never to pass gas at one another. Till death do us fart. 

Question 6: What is the one household chore that your spouse never does?

Chris: Dust the laughing urn. 

Kathleen: Mop up the weird water that persistently seeps from the base of our toilet.

Question 7: What does your spouse love the most about you?

Chris: My comedy album. 

Kathleen: My big biceps. 

Question 8: Who is the most insecure?

Chris: I am. Isn't that nice?

Kathleen: Definitely Chris. He hates himself! It's a riot!

Question 9: Who would be the first to say they want to leave a lame dinner party?

Chris: I would. And then I'd take off my shirt and punch the butler. 

Kathleen: Chris has pushed his chair away from the table many times to announce that he is "leaving this lame dinner party." I wind up finishing my meal alone, but that's okay because I also finish off his wine.

And finally, Question 10: What is your favourite memory together so far?

Kathleen: Any time we've let out bare butts hang out in nature without the cops knowing. 

Chris: Skinny dipping. 

Seems like a perfect match. Come down to laugh your buns off tonight at The Khyber!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mark Little's Good Dad Tonight Returns Tomorrow

Catch the variety/sketch talk show at the Bus Stop Theatre on Thursday

Posted By on Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 11:53 AM

Good Dad Tonight: Tomorrow!
  • Good Dad Tonight: Tomorrow!

For the last few summers, while filming CBC series Mr. DToronto-based/former-Picnicface comedian Mark Little has hosted a whacky talk show called Good Morning Tonight.

What started in 2012 as a sketch show in the sweltering Khyber attic — with Andy Bush, Cheryl Hann, Brian MacQuarrie and more — Good Morning Tonight became such an annual hit that the ensemble cast staged a sold-out special for the Halifax Pop Explosion last fall. 

Tomorrow, Good Dad Tonight returns for two back-to-back shows at The Bus Stop Theatre, a comedy grab-bag with Little and Hann, Geordie Miller, Everardo Ramirez, Struan Sutherland, Paul Doucette and musical guests Rich Aucoin and Windom Earle.

The show usually centres around Andy Bush, now a hot-shot L.A. director who comes home for summer vacation. Little soon appears as Bush’s father, “Rollie,” who routinely interrupts and humiliates Bush's attempts to host his own talk show. This year, with Bush still in L.A., Rollie is left to his own devices as the host of Good Dad Tonight. Rollie never holds back. That’s his thing.

“My son Andy isn't here yet so there’s more time for me, Dad, to bring you the freshest takes on the latest political snafus and some classic bits,” says Rollie, “When it comes to good old-fashioned fun, Good Dad Tonight is like a comedy version of Kelsey’s: family-friendly and full of love."

"We’ve switched things up to bring you more music and even more laughter. Rich Aucoin will be on hand to perform one of his ‘youth anthems’ or whatever he calls them. I told him no parachutes and he threw a fit so we’ll see what happens. Windom Earle will also play some songs. This might be their last show so it could be an emotional night for their many fan. That’s not a typo.”

Miller and Rollie on the Comedy Couch
  • Miller and Rollie on the Comedy Couch

Rollie says he’ll perform some skits with “skit vets from the horribly named Picnicface” as Miller and Doucette “reprise their roles as non-contributors.” Along with Good Dad Tonight, Rollie reveals his other highlight of the summer: “Two words: Jazz. Fest.” He says it'll be fun, as always. 

Tickets for both shows are sold out, but a few are available at the door ($10, 8pm/10pm). 

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sunday Night Comedy on a Tuesday

But you care not for days, you are immortal

Posted By on Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 12:09 PM

Merv returns - RILEY SMITH
  • Merv returns
  • Riley Smith

There may be no crying in baseball, but you can find a hell of a lot in comedy. For folks who make it their business to make people laugh, comedians can have a lot of pathos and sadness bubbling just below the surface. When that raw emotion spills over on stage, the results can be awkward, uncomfortable, and sometimes transcendent. If you start a comedy show to work out some tough emotions, like those that follow in the wake of a lost job and a divorce, the results could be painful, or, in the case of Bill Wood’s Sunday Night Comedy, they could be pure comic gold.

'"It's not always about the laughs with me. I like all emotions and I think they deserve a place, even at a comedy show," says Wood of his now defunct comedy night, which he is reviving this Tuesday to coincide with the return of Merv Hartlen. Now based in Toronto, Hartlen is also no stranger to comedy underpinned by raw, and at times painful emotion. "They don't have Mini Sips here and it's soul crushing’’ is how he answers queries about life in Toronto—I know he means it. He’s excited to return to his roots, in a place where he has the freedom to try something new and strange "I like when things get weird."

Contributing to the weirdness will be Cheryl Hann, Andrew Vaughan and Steve Mackie, a comic who Wood insists "would be famous already if he lived in New York" along with Patrick Burgomaster, their "resident Cave-Man on keys," Expect some surprises, the occasional flying Mini Sip, and a ton of laughs.

Return of Merv Hartlen and Sunday Comedy (on a Tuesday)
When: Tuesday, July 15 at 8pm
Where: The Company 2202 Gottingen Street
Cost: $5

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chris Locke's talk

Lock(e) up your Reese's products, comedian Chris Locke is rolling in

Posted By on Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 9:59 AM

Chris Locke and his appropriate attire
  • Chris Locke and his appropriate attire

"If my style of comedy was on a T-shirt, it would be one of those 'I Survived a Shark Attack’ shirts that look like you really did just survive a shark attack," says Toronto's Chris Locke. The frequent Comedy Network comedian and actor returns to Halifax for Warm Soda at The Company House on Tuesday February 11 ($7, 8:30pm), joined by locals Cheryl Hann, Paul Doucette, Everardo Ramirez and more.

A member of Laugh Sabbath, Toronto's popular comedy crew that appeared at Halifax Pop Explosion last fall, Locke has been working sketch since 2000 and stand-up since 2007.

"I'm always inspired by the comedians of Laugh Sabbath, they are my best friends." Locke says of the collective's advantages: "It's a group of like-minded comedians that bring something unique to comedy, a very conducive environment for honing your natural performer instincts."  Developing his stage skills with the group has led to his first comedy album, The World is Embarrassing, recorded in December at The Ossington in Toronto and released on February 1. "I did two sold-out shows back to back and it felt like a comedy party," says Locke, "The album is all jokes but it also captured the exact vibe I was looking for, too. That's what I like. I wanted it to sound like the super fun vibe on Richard Pryor's Craps (After Hours) album. That was my favourite growing up."

Even as a young buck, it seems Locke's always been a good time. "I went to Dalhousie for one drunken year in 1998-1999," he says, noting that he didn't come back again until 2008 to work on a project with Nathan Fielder. It was a harsh trip down memory lane. "I saw images of 20-year-old me on mushrooms, drinking beers on Citadel Hill, wearing the biggest, most humiliating Aladdin-like raver pants I've ever owned," he says. Even still, he always jumps at the chance to come here.

"Halifax rules, I love it. There are great comics doing the Yuk's gigs, the indie stuff, Gus' Pub, all of it. I think you guys have a killer scene and I'm excited to do the show," he says.  

Be ready to laugh. Locke's jokes range from the acutely observational to the astutely self-deprecating, touching on topics like balding, farts and some hilarious bits on sweet and salty treats. "If you have a bag of Lay's Sour Cream and Onion Ruffles, I will bother you," he says of his favourite snacks, "Anything Reese makes, I'm like 'YES MASTER,' and now they sell the McDonald's Double Cheeseburger for literally a pittance, so I sneak a couple of those in every now and then."

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Debra DiGiovanni's in Bloomer

Late Bloomer Tour hits the Rebecca Cohn January 11

Posted By on Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 1:19 PM

DiGiovanni is immature too, just like you!
  • DiGiovanni is immature too, just like you!

Comedian Debra DiGiovanni’s smart (and funny and poignant) mouth has gotten her prime spots on Comedy Network's Match Game and Video on Trial on MuchMusic. Finally, Just for Laughs took notice and DiGiovanni is making history as the first ever female that Just for Laughs has toured across Canada with her Late Bloomer Tour. You read that right. FIRST EVER. “I couldn't believe that I'm the first. Of course, the touring company is only about 11 years old, so this actually makes a bit more sense,” says DiGiovanni [Ed. note: :\ ]. “Now that comedy is becoming much more female friendly, I think this is going to be a normal, regular type thing. It's nice to be the first, but its a bit bittersweet because that just shows you where we are in society. 2014 and women are still under-represented.” Still, better late than never, I suppose.

DiGiovanni’s jokes will make you awkwardly laugh-cry (it’s a genre) Saturday, January 11 at the Rebecca Cohn auditorium (7pm, $37), and if you’re expecting a ponytail and/or vomit, well, don’t bother. “I have a few superstitions or rituals before a show,” says DiGiovanni. “Number one: Do not eat. I can't understand comics that can eat before they go on stage—I'm always worried about vomiting, sorry, and I usually drop stuff on myself. Number two: I can't wear my hair in a ponytail on stage. Not sure why, just a weird comedian thing.”

Quirks are DiGiovanni’s stock in trade, recently she taped her first American TV special for Showtime, Single Awkward Female, and proudly flaunts her status as “best comedian to see after a messy break up.” “Misery loves company,” she says. “I think I'm able to cheer people up with my energy and since my life is probably a bit... sadder... than yours, you're bound to feel better. A good belly laugh always helps.”

The Late Bloomer Tour is named after DiGiovanni’s personal experiences. “I think people think it’s because I started comedy at 28, but it's actually because I feel about 15 every day of my life. I find it odd that I'm a grown woman in my early 40s and yet I'm still super immature and insecure.” “I think the world thinks that women always have their shit together no matter what. We're able to produce offspring therefore we must be pillars of maturity. Not so! I'm a bit tired of men getting the easy end of this. It's time we take back immaturity! Who’s with me?” I’m so in, just let me finish this game of GTA 5.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Peter White's night

Halifax ex-pat comedian comes back for one night only

Posted By on Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 2:15 PM


“It's the people, the friendliness. It's being able to walk down Spring Garden and know that you're going to see someone you know. London is a very lonely place, despite the fact that you're always surrounded by people, they don't interact the way people do in Halifax," says comedian Peter White. "When you walk into a store in London, no one speaks to you. I just don't get the same sense of community that I felt in Halifax.”

The former 22 Minutes writer will be performing for one night only at the Carleton Bar and Grill (1685 Argyle) on Monday, December 23 (8pm, $10, with Ian Black and Bryant Thomson).

After moving to England over two years ago, the homegrown comedian has been on the road touring Europe and plans to tour Asia and the Middle East this coming year.

When asked if, in all his travels, he's found a place like Halifax, White says: “Nowhere is exactly like Halifax, but the place I've been that's the closest is probably Liverpool, England. It's got the same kind of relaxed vibe, and it's on the ocean as well. I feel weird saying it, because my last show there a man threatened to kill me while I was onstage and then spit in a woman's face, but that show aside, the town has a pretty Halifax vibe to it. I'm not selling the place well. Fuck it. Boston. Boston, Massachusetts is the most like Halifax.”

White describes the tough decision to leave home as career-oriented. “There's a pretty low ceiling in Canada for entertainment, especially for live entertainment. I love Canada, but it's a pretty exhausting and expensive place to tour. Too few people and too much space, so in order to make a good living you have to be traveling constantly.”

White's online videos have comments praising him from places you'd need Google Maps to find. His shows are “memorable and hilarious”, folks from the 15 countries he's performed in will agree.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hilarity in Halifax

Steve Patterson has his say

Posted By on Tue, May 7, 2013 at 3:04 PM


Steve Patterson is probably best known for his role as the host of the CBC show The Debaters. Or possibly as Canada’s best male stand-up comedian (as chosen in the Canadian Comedy Awards in 2011).

“On The Debaters I’m essentially a referee for the other comics. I don’t want to step on their material so I kind of have to hold back,” says Patterson. “With this show, they’re not there so I get to talk about what I want to say.” And Patterson is a seasoned performer, after touring across the English-speaking world, he hosted the 2011 Just For Laughs comedy tour. Patterson is looking forward to having a live audience again.

“There’s really no comparison for those who have seen TV and coming to a live show,” says Patterson. “It allows me to get a better relationship with the audience instead of a one-night stand.”

The show features all new original material along with a few musical moments—when Patterson breaks into song. Patterson also promises a handful of letters to inanimate objects who deserve a talking to. “I’m looking forward to really getting to talk about what I actually care about and I want to make it funny,” says Patterson.

Steve Patterson performs Friday, May 10 at the Rebecca Cohn, 6101 University Avenue, 7:30pm, $42.50

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

That Time of The Month: Net worth

The Brickhouse Comedy Collective recognizes Judge Judy Sheindlin's greatness

Posted By on Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 4:00 AM

  • <3

We’ve used this space before to talk about the magic of That Time of the Month’s monthly comedy night, and darned if we aren’t doing it again. Monday, March 18 (8pm, $5) at the Company House features the women from the Brickhouse Comedy Collective (Emma Cooper, Anna Danova, Andie Bulman, Meg MacKay, Fern MacAllister, Megan MacDowell and Erin Hill) doing an improv style set, with the theme being "without a net". Keep an eye out for a future show working under the umbrella of the Judge Judy format and all the inherent jokes within. Fake court cases will incorporate suggestions from the audience (collected prior to and during the performance via Twitter, projected on the wall during the event), including some doozies from the Coast's Love the Way we Bitch section. Don’t even attempt to front, you know you scroll through that thing obsessively. It’ll be just like that, but with extra laughs!

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Monday, February 11, 2013

It's That Time of The Month tonight

Rest your snow-shovelling weary body and take in some comedy

Posted By on Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Comedian Andie Bulman at The Company House
  • Comedian Andie Bulman at The Company House

How was your weekend? I ate Chinese food, saw a bunch of hardcore bands, made a new friend, started a band, was one of two people in a surprisingly empty Saturday farmers' market, shuffled around in the snow a lot, made biscuits, learned a bit about Russian prison camps, had a glass of port and got a terrible cold. Ending the weekend on a bad note wasn't so hot, and by all accounts, I had a pretty good weekend. If your weekend was a little less eventful, and involved shovelling a lot of snow or catching up on Downton, leaving you aching to go out and be entertained, look no further.

That Time of The Month is a monthly all-female comedy night that consistently packs the house and puts the smiles on the faces. This month's theme is self-love (one of my favourite themes ever) and really moves the plot along with gift certificates from Venus Envy as raffle prizes. There are two shows tonight (Monday, February 11, 7pm, 9:15pm at the Company House, 2202 Gottingen, $5) featuring sketches, stand-up and more. Get there early or risk being disappointed. Because when I say these shows fill up, I do mean they fill up. Shake the snow off your weekend and start the week with some quality laughs from some of the most talented comedians in town.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Take a ha-ha-holiday with the 2013 Ha!ifax ComedyFest*

April 24-27 finally find out what the deal is with airplane food

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Caroline Rhea
  • Caroline Rhea

Now in its 18th year, the 2013 Ha!ifax ComedyFest has set up a smorgasbord of 28 Canadian and international comedians for you to enjoy from Wednesday, April 24 to Saturday, April 27 in Halifax.

It’s Friday afternoon (AKA Watch Videos at Work with Your Headphones in and a Look of Concentration on Your Face Even Though You're Watching a Kitten Chase his own Tail o’clock) so I’ve compiled a bunch of clips of this year’s headliners, just for you!

Scott Thompson 

Caroline Rhea 

Brent Butt 

Bob Marley

Nikki Payne

Mark Critch

John Wing 

Debra DiGiovanni

OK that’s enough videos for now. Search for fun clips of your own of supporting comedians Bryan Hatt, Charlie Demers, Darrin Rose, Eddie Della Siepe, Erica Sigurdson, Graham Chittenden, Graham Kay, Jeff Elliott, JJ Whitehead, John Sheehan, Karen O'Keefe, Lachlan Patterson, Patrick Haye, Peter Anthony, Phil Hanley, Rob Pue, Tony Krolo, Dana Alexander and Darren Frost

For ticket details and the complete schedule, visit:

If continuous updates, contests and tweets are your thing, Ha!ifax ComedyFest can also be found on Facebook and Twitter

*thanks to The White Wires for the headline inspiration (and one last video)

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