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Thursday, May 26, 2016

You even dance, bro? Watch this photo montage of The Jam

Halifax's north end dance party celebrates its second anniversary on June 17

Posted By on Thu, May 26, 2016 at 12:39 PM

Two years of gettin' jammed
  • Two years of gettin' jammed

For the last two years, three Halifax DJs have been bringing the literal and metaphorical jams almost once a month to Michael's Bar & Grill (#RIP), briefly to Reflections and then finally The Seahorse, where the last several Jams have been 'jammed' to capacity. On June 17, DJ T-Woo (Trevor Wood), DJ Okay TK (TK Thorpe) and DJ Loukas Stilldrunk (Loukas Crowther) will celebrate this milestone with a special edition of The Jam to say thank you for the good times. For something extra special, Crowther has made this sweet montage of hot pics by Phototype (Andrew Donovan and Crissie Brenton) and I don't know about you, but I'm sweatin'. 

Not only has The Jam invited some of the best DJs in Canada (shout out Nick Bike) and the world (shout out Just Blaze) to spin, there's been so much local talent onstage, from DJ IV, Cam Anderson and Gwen West to Uncle Fester and Zora the Sultan, and of course, our gracious hosts, playing funk, house, Madonna and everything in between. You even dance, bro? 

"T-Woo started this whole journey, and let's be honest, it's the only good thing he's ever done with his life," says Crowther. "It's been two years of sweaty parties, sweatier after-parties, barely remembered after-after-parties and regrettable hangovers." But beyond the music, there's you, the beautiful person who shows up month after month and dances til you're soaked and covered in Horsepower: "You guys make this all worthwhile. Without you we are nothing," says Crowther. 

So smash that hecking 'going' button at The Jam's Two Year Anniversary (Vol 24) to get the scoop on share contests and other stuff. I've heard there are prizes and surprises, too. It'll be dope.

THE JAM - TWO YEARS from Loukas Crowther on Vimeo.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Interview: 11 Questions with Jay Mayne

Dartmouth rapper performs tonight with Thrillah and Matty Boh

Posted By on Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 9:00 AM

Tonight, Dartmouth rapper, skateboarder and #choptrees advocate Jay Mayne returns to The Seahorse (2037 Gottingen) for a show with his doggies Thrillah Kane and Matty Boh. It's been a minute since The Coast caught up with the smokey-voiced rapper, but he's been on the hustle as usual and he's stoked for the show. Check out these 11 Questions with Jay Mayne.

Jay Mayne - IAN RIPLEY
  • Jay Mayne
  • Ian Ripley

What's up Jay Mayne, what's new? 
Just kickin' it, I've been workin' on new music. Also tryna break into the production world. 

Why now for this Seahorse show?
I feel like the city needed this show. It's been a minute since ODOD touched the people. Also my boy Jason Wadley is moving so we had to show him love. Can ya feel what I'm saying.

What's the hottest track so far this year?
We only early in yet. I'm still listening to Yo Gotti's CM8 and Freddie Gibbs (Shadow Of A Doubt). Saw a dope Uncle Murda freestyle though (haha) that count? (Editor's Note: Yup).  

What's your favourite blunt wrap?
I went hard with Swishers, but they took them and Pom Pom's off shelves. Found a plug, tho.

New Yeezy Boosts or new Jordan 4s
Neither. Nike SB Stefan Janoski's or some dunks.

Young Thug or Rich Homie Quan?
Both got joints. Young Thug has more plays.

Cool Ranch Doritos or Ketchup Doritos?

Cool Ranch but I can never finish a full bag. Ketchup (is) ill though.

What's your favourite Snoop song?
Prolly "G'z Up, Hoes Down" bonus on Doggystyle.

What's your second favourite Snoop song? 
All of Doggystyle and The DoggFather. 

What skate clips have you been grinding lately?
I watch skateboarding every day so it's hard to pick a clip.
But Daewon Song just did some next-level stuff.

What do you usually drink in the club? 
Usually I drink water in the club. Anything else, they might catch me off my pivot. #ChopTrees. 

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Friday, January 15, 2016

A 90s Quiz with That 90s Night

DJs Jeff Pineau and Trevor Murphy share their favourite 90s things

Posted By on Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 9:00 AM

Jeff Pineau & Trevor Murphy, 90s kings - JEFF PINEAU
  • Jeff Pineau & Trevor Murphy, 90s kings
  • Jeff Pineau

*Joey from Blossom voice* Woah! Did you know that DJs Jeff Pineau and Trevor Murphy (Quiet Parade) have been bringing Halifax one of the most nostalgic dance events, That 90s Night, since July 2012? *Jesse from Full House voice* Have mercy!  Well, it's true and it's giving me Goosebumps. Tonight at The Seahorse, they're gonna hit you baby, one more time

"Musically, we stick to the overarching theme of just playing 90s jams," Pineau and Murphy tell me, "From time to time, we'll throw a theme party — like the Saved By The Bell Beach Party or Neon Night — but that's more about atmosphere and it doesn't really have any impact on the music we choose. We're 90s kids, so we have both a nostalgia and a fondness for a lot of these songs. Never really thought we'd be so psyched about S Club 7 when we were 14, but here we are."

To get you pysched for this next nostalgia trip, we're quizzing Pineau and Murphy on their favourite things from the 90s. There's nothing like a Big Shiny Tunes 2 & 3 down memory lane.

Most Listened-To Genre of the 90s
PINEAU: Grunge
MURPHY: Rap Rock

Best Fashion Trend of the 90s
PINEAU: Bleached hair
MURPHY: Snap bracelets 

Best TV Channel of the 90s
PINEAU: Much Music
MURPHY: Much Music

Best Halifax Band of the 90s
PINEAU: Burnt Black
MURPHY: Burnt Black 

Best TV Show of the 90s
PINEAU: The Simpsons
MURPHY: Boy Meets World

Best TV Family of the 90s
PINEAU: The Simpsons
MUPRHY: The Aunts from Sabrina

Best Political Event of the 90s
PINEAU: Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton scandal
MURPHY: Chrétien's "Shawinigan Handshake

Best Software of the 90s
PINEAU: MSN Messenger & ICQ
MURPHY: mIRC (Internet Relay Chat)

Best Sports Event of the 90s
PINEAU: Tyson biting Holyfield's ear off
MURPHY: Blue Jays winning 92/93 series 

Best Musical Genre of the 90s

Best Snack of the 90s
PINEAU: Fun Dip!
MURPHY: Hostess Chips with WWF Stickers

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Listen to this v. funky Boxing Day playlist by Dead Horse Beats

The Montreal DJ plays The Seahorse tonight with Wet Paint and Kyle

Posted By on Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 2:56 PM

click image Dead Horse Beats (Patrick Wade)
  • Dead Horse Beats (Patrick Wade)

Tonight, Halifax-bred, Montreal-livin' Dead Horse Beats (Patrick Wade) will spin it silly at The Seahorse with Wet Paint and Kyle. Have you heard DHB before? Dude can mix. Check out his "Still Dre" remix, and also this Bobby Shmurda jam. He'll also be headlining Cold Smoke next weekend, but since you can't hold your horses, better pony up tonight and get funky. On this Boxing Day, Wade's picked ten jams he's been feeling lately to funk you up for tonight: a real sexy mix of 80s jazz, St. Lucian funk, modern house, mo-town minimal and more. ♥

1. George Duke - Shine On 

2. Kaytranada - Go Ahead

3. Crazy P - Like A Fool 

4. Michael Wycoff - Diamond Real 

5. Tru Tones - Let's Party 

6. Omar S - Set It Out 

7. Patrice Rushen - I Was Tired of Being Alone 

8. JackLDN - Fooled Around

9. LAGOS - Pyramids

10. Paine Cuadrelli - Mariposa 
Thanks Patrick!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hodor (OK, Kristian Nairn) to DJ in Halifax

November 8 at the Marquee: Rave of Thrones

Posted By on Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 3:55 PM

Do you though
  • Do you though

The one and only Hodor, Kristian Nairn, who can definitely say more than one word irl, is coming to town for Hal-Con (Nov 7-9, WTCC), and while he's here, he's stepping behind the decks at the Marquee Ballroom November 8 as part of his Rave of Thrones tour, because of course he is.

Nairn is actually a deep house DJ and a staple of the Belfast club scene, when he's not carrying around a tiny royal boy on his back, that is.

How does Hodor do it all with his taxing Game of Thrones schedule? Well... he's got the season off. Sorry Hodor fans, but it looks like next season doesn't even have a hint of the 'Dor and wee Bran Stark.

Dull your pain with some deep house? I'm gonna take over his brain like Bran does and make him play "Anaconda" lol

Game of Thrones attire is encouraged because (say it with me) OF COURSE IT IS.

Tickets are are $24.99 in advance and $27.99 day of show (including tax and service charge) and go on sale this Friday, Sept. 19 at 10am at the etixnow kiosk in Bubba Ray’s Sports Bar and online at

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