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Album release

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Premiere: In 3/4 by The Hypochondriacs

Resist the urge to text your ex while listening to this.

Posted By on Tue, Sep 5, 2017 at 3:00 PM


In 2012, Josh Bravener teamed up with his brother Aaron to start a band. The Fredricton-based group is now made up of four people known as The Hypochondriacs, and they’re about to launch their debut album.

“We really wanted to demonstrate what we sound like live. The album’s very similar to our live show,” says Josh, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist.

The Braveners have rockabilly music well ingrained, having grown up with an Elvis impersonator for a father. Josh spent parts of his childhood touring with his dad, playing the role of a much tinier Elvis. While he got tired of playing dress-up after a while, music never bored him: “I stayed in love with it. I still love Elvis.” he says, adding that he’d never impersonate him again.

The In 3/4 album is largely made up of songs about heartbreak that are somehow still dance-worthy. Have a listen for yourself below. In 3/4 is officially released on Friday, and The Hypochondriacs will be hitting up Halifax for a show at Bearly’s on September 23.

“I just kind of want people to be able to listen to it and, you know, be able to reflect on their own past heartbreaks or whatever it may be.”

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Municipality launches debut album

City ambience and Beatles vibes.

Posted By on Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 9:51 AM

  • Adam Le Blanc

Guitarist and vocalist Peter Fordham says his band’s new album, Any Word, is “very Halifax,” —with Beatles vibes to boot.

“We did a lot of recording last summer, and we would have the windows open while we were doing it on Agricola,” says Fordham. “We’d get like, street sounds, voices and and skateboards rolling by.”

Municipality broke into the Halifax music scene just last year. Fordham is one of four band members, joined by his twin brother William (also on guitar) and bassist Peter Gillis, along with Daniel Crowther on drums, keys and mastering.

Having a twin in the band has its challenges, but it’s also helped add creative touches to songs, such as the track “Turning Away.”

“There’s an instrumental part to the song, and while we were recording that, [William] and I had an argument,” explains Fordham. “It was kind of a very polite argument, but we picked it up—we recorded it—it was in the background somewhere. We just kept it in the song, so there’s like a twin argument in one of the songs.”

The group recorded in five different spaces around the city, including a boathouse on the Northwest Arm. 

“It’s very satisfying because we’ve been working on it for like a year and a half,” says Fordham. “It’s also the culmination of wanting to do something like this for my whole life.”

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Meet Red Opera, the local rapper who ran for the Communist Party of Canada

"The truth is we are a settler colonial state that refuses to have a nation to nation relationship with the Indigenous peoples."

Posted By on Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 1:53 PM

Ryan Barry, AKA Red Opera - SUBMITTED
  • Ryan Barry, AKA Red Opera
  • submitted

Released on Canada Day, Ryan Barry's (AKA Red Opera) Lifestyles of the Bourgeoisie was meant to make a political statement. The rapper, who has been performing on and off in Halifax since 1998 including releasing group albums under the name Tranz Ill, dipped his toes back into the music world with this collection. When not writing about the uneven political climate, Barry remains politically involved, running in the 2015 federal election in the South Shore St. Margaret's riding for the Communist Party of Canada. Listen to his latest offering and let Red Opera put a bug in your ear.

With this new album, do you expect to get back into performing locally?

I'm not opposed to the idea of performing again. It's been a decade since I've been on a stage but I'd like to take a pause and see if this EP catches any steam. I might stick to benefit shows for the most part.

Will you ever run as a candidate for the Communist Party of Canada again? What sort of traction did you get the first time?

I most definitely will run for the Communist Party of Canada again. When I ran in the last federal election there was a lot about the nature of the electoral process that was new to me. I also felt somewhat overwhelmed and in unfamiliar territory so I felt as if I held back somewhat when dealing with the other candidates. Now that I'm more comfortable and more politically versed it would be a great opportunity to critique the other parties and really expose the carnage of the economic system (capitalism) that they have sworn allegiance to. The first time running was like nod and wave to the public. People who didn't even know we existed are now aware. Our party has clubs throughout Canada but the Halifax club hasn't been active for quite some time. Now we have a growing club in Halifax and other cities that we previously didn't have clubs in. Socialism is starting to lose its dirty word status for many people and capitalism is sharpening global conflict and environmental destruction to frightful new heights. This is reflected in our membership increase.

What would you like the listener to take away from this record?

I like to think of this record as a debut of my political political thoughts. I'd like the listener to question some of the topics/issues/ideas that I mention. I don't know of many Canadian hip hop artists active right now that are questioning the state or our current economic system. I just want the listener to be exposed to new ideas that they might not have been exposed to yet. A lot of people think that Canada is some kind of friendly neighbour and is enlightened compared to our southern neighbours. The truth is we are a settler colonial state that refuses to have a nation to nation relationship with the Indigenous peoples. The truth is we ravage the global south and destabilize democratically elected governments. America may be the most dangerous country on the planet at the moment but Canada is their junior partner and an imperialist power in its own right as well. I make mild references to communism in this EP just to put a bug in the listener's ear. Just to warm them up to the idea that there is a political ideology that links all struggle together. A communist is a feminist, a champion of Indigenous rights, an advocate for the working class and an environmentalist.

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Pretty Normal release new EP

Posted By on Thu, May 4, 2017 at 4:51 PM

Pretty Normal's very gorgeous album cover - SUBMITTED
  • Pretty Normal's very gorgeous album cover
  • submitted

Pretty Normal EP release w/Juice Girls, Crossed Wires, Sarah Denim
Friday, May 5, doors at 9:30pm show at 10pm
Art Bar + Projects, 1873 Granville Street

Pretty Normal makes pretty music. With the newest three-song EP, released this Friday, Nich Patzelt (vocals/synth), Scott Kedy (vocals/bass), Sam Benson (drums), Andrew Wright: (guitar) make some top shelf pop, and though the band has been through a few sonic transitions, its newest sound has staying power.

Can you give me a brief history of the band?
Sam Benson: Nich and Scott have been playing together since they were in high school. I joined the band after they saw me play live and asked if I’d like to audition for them. After playing as a punk act for a few years, Nich expressed that he wanted to move into playing synth over guitar, and so we needed to figure out how that transition would work both in our studio and live performance(s). Luckily, after we finished recording the EP, Andrew was interested in our new creative direction. He was a great fit to the dynamic, and supports us well.

Can you tell me a bit more about the EP?
SB: The Pretty Normal EP is our self-titled debut release. We want it to showcase our signature sound as a band.

Where did you record it?
SB: It was split between a few locations, but the entire record was produced by Adam Warren. He actually had us go on a three-day trip to record drums entirely,  which was a huge learning experience. We were all really big fans of his work in Glory Glory, and he had the musical background that we needed to restructure the songs to achieve this new sound. I’d say it worked out well in the end.

Was it in the works for a while? Any overarching themes?
SB: It was definitely a work in progress. When we first discussed making a record, it was a transitional period where our initial punk sound (with a slight ska influence) started to incorporate a bit more syncopation between instruments. It’s evidenced by how much the drum and bass parts interact in each of the songs, and the guitar and synth help to accentuate the general idea musically.

What do you have coming up on the horizon? Any tours for this recording or anything like that?
SB: We’re looking at potentially doing a couple of select dates across Eastern Canada, but nothing’s set in stone. Ideally, we’d like to focus on becoming active in Halifax’s music scene with this new EP.

What types of music do you listen to when you’re not making music?
SB: As a band, we’re definitely quite diverse when it comes to musical taste; the good thing is that there’s a lot of overlap between each of us. For example, Nich really enjoys musical theatre, whereas I really like hard rock and metal. However, we both enjoy pop, punk, and indie music, which are indicative of the band’s direction. Our upbringing revolved around video games, anime, the internet, and comic books, so that’s become a prevalent theme in our music too. Sharing that common ground keeps our sound moving in a consistent direction.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

BurgerFriesPop is a winning combo

Releasing an EP to coincide with Burger Week, the group likes to have it their way

Posted By on Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 3:40 PM


BurgerFriesPop EP release w/Jessie Brown, FM Berlin, Bad Partys
Friday, March 24 at 9pm
The Local, 2037 Gottingen Street

“It was totally on purpose,” says guitarist and vocalist Dale Boudreau on new wave trio BurgerFriesPop’s decision to release their EP during Burger Week.

With all of the online rumbling about The Coast’s ever-popular week-long excuse to stuff your gob with burgers, the band took the burger-themed momentum and are now releasing five songs with a show at the Local with Jessie Brown, FM Berlin and Bad Partys (Friday, March 24, $7, 9pm).

“We had to make it special,” says drummer Martin Maunder. Boudreau, Maunder and Terry Boudreau (brother of Dale) on bass and vocals make up the group, who write surfy, rocky, angular songs and subscribe to a DIY philosophy. On their Facebook page they list one influence: Minutemen. And much like the punk icons, they jam econo. "We like doing stuff ourselves," says Maunder, who also runs Carnivore Records and Herbivore Bookings. "I was sitting at home cutting out J cards for the tapes, I made the art myself, I'm making buttons—I like the hands on approach."

"We were all hands on," says Dale. "We wanted to do it the way we wanted to."

Recorded and produced by Maunder, the songs are a small sample of their oeuvre, and what they considered to be a good starting point. "We all love different types of music, we try to bring out what works for the band," says Terry. "Whatever fits the song the best."

Part of the group’s impulse is to provide a counter to mainstream rock, and they don’t shy away from politics. "Mainstream music doesn’t seem fun or proactive or encourage people to think," says Maunder.

"You’ll hear Martin and I arguing over the state of current affairs on the recordings," says Dale, "but we don’t choose sides, the way we see it is it’s us against everyone else."

And though they may argue, they bond over a good combo, just as their name may suggest. Named after the #1 combo at A&W—a nod to their three piece rock combo status—the name has gotten them immediate fans, they say. Not to mention it’s a great excuse to eat fast food every week at practice. Dale’s usual order is three bacon McDoubles, he gives the fries to longtime vegetarian Maunder and a shake or smoothie for the health conscious Terry.

"We were gonna make our own wine and start calling ourselves BurgerFriesWine," says Maunder.

"That’s what happens when everyone hits their mid 30s," says Dale. "They stop drinking pop and drink wine instead."

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Top Five: What electronic artist AA Wallace misses about Halifax

Now based in Toronto, the Halifax mixologist returns with Tupper Ware Remix Party

Posted By on Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 11:42 AM

AA Wallace zoning out - MATT WILLIAMS
  • AA Wallace zoning out
  • Matt Williams

Former Halifax-based electronic musician AA Wallace returns from Toronto on Saturday to shake up The Seahorse (2037 Gottingen, 10pm, $12) with dance-party cone-heads Tupper Ware Remix Party. It's going to be all kinds of crazy, especially since Wallace just released his second party album In Alpha Zones, an 11-track synth-pop romp on Culvert Music. For his homecoming, Wallace tells us what he misses most about Halifax since leaving last year.

1. The "VLT Bubble" at Gus' Pub
With its many nicknames (for ex: The Little Casino, The Fishbowl), the VLT section of Gus' Pub is a treasure: "This is the best place to watch shows," says Wallace. "It’s elevated from the floor behind Plexiglass that reduces the volume of the show without making the music sound like crap." 

2. Brothers' Donair Pepperoni
"I love pepperoni," says Wallace. "Any time I’m somewhere new, I make an effort to try the regional gas station meats and nothing has beaten this yet." Spoken like a true Nova Scotian.

3. The $1 LP bins at Taz Records
"A lot of the drum and percussion samples I use for production come from 12’ singles were pulled from this library and I haven’t found anything that comes close elsewhere," says Wallace of the record store's discount dump. "Bonus beats from obscure singles from 1980 to 1984 are gold." 

4. Propeller's IPA
"They get this in sometimes at the LCBO (Ontario's NSLC) but sometimes will never suffice." 

5. Second-hand shops that aren't picked over by over-zealous re-sellers
Despite literally thousands of second-hand thrift stores in Toronto, Wallace says nothing compares to our Valu Villages or the infamous Guys Frenchys: "Video games, LPs and jean jackets are the few things I look for and which are scarcer than Mike Jackson sightings at shows." 

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

#ICYMI: Seth Smith's new flick, new Stickswork mix and more

Check out these super freaky local film and music releases from this month

Posted By on Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 3:03 PM

This March (#RIP) was a super freaky month for local releases in film, video and music. In this edition of In Case You Missed It (#ICYMI), you can get freaked out by the following: 

Seth Smith's new short film The Brym

The creator of 2012 indie feature and slime-fest Lowlife, Seth Smith released his new four-minute short The Brym this month and, like much of his work, it's spooky and unsettling as fuck. The Brym channels the vibes of his other stuff, like his 2015 short Wind Through A Tree, the incredible film-noir I Am Coming to Paris to Kill You and my favourite music video of all-time, Monomyth's "Patsy." This one is a "fucked-up fable" that draws on shoreline mythologies in a way that's both visually stunning and creepy as hell. WATCH IT HERE

Walrus' new video for "Wearing It" 

Yesterday, Halifax rock band Walrus announced they've signed to Dan Mangan's label, Madic Records. Nice one, b'ys. Last week, in the middle of a Canadian tour with some opening dates for Wintersleep, the band released a new video for "Wearing It," their first video ever and the first track from their upcoming EP Goodbye Something (out on April 29). Directed by Jeff Miller, the video freaks out the squares with psychedelic visuals. Walrus don't let us down

A new album, Mums Drums, by Stickswork
Mums the word - ANDREW DONOVAN
  • Mums the word
  • Andrew Donovan
Last week, Stickswork (Jay Andrews) released his new album, Mums Drums, a multi-instrumental free mix by the Halifax-born, Toronto-livin' musician. It's pretty banging, and it uses over 230 samples from all over the place. Part of the fun of mash-ups like these is trying to pinpoint that familiar sound. Part of the skill of mash-ups like these is making it work. In this case, it Sticks-works. Lol @ me. I really love the "679" part. And the Q-Tip/U2. I actually love it all.

New Negative Circles tape, Twenty 3 Songs

Halifax's now-defunct punk band (depunked band?) Negative Circles recently put out a new compilation tape of all their releases: a six-song debut, one single, a Live on CKDU thing and two "horribly blown-out tracks" from a basement, making up Twenty 3 Songs. Does that actually add up? Me can't count. For real, this is stripped-down and FUCKING RIPS 2011 to 2013. Plus, "This band's got that Cody Googoo guy on guitar," says the YouTube blurb. Get at him for tapes. 

Send new music releases and other shit to 

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mauno Myth: Trio Release Album Wednesday night

Halifax pop group mixes analog and digital at Menz Bar

Posted By on Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 12:01 PM

Evan Matthews, Eliza Niemi, Nick Everett (Mauno)
  • Evan Matthews, Eliza Niemi, Nick Everett (Mauno)

"It's a study of digital and analog — the difference between them and what happens when they're combined," says Nick Everett, one of the three musical wizards of Mauno ("mao-no"). With Evan Matthews and Eliza Niemi, the experimental pop group releases Rough Master with Dories, Foam and Kurt Inder on Wednesday night at Menz Bar ($8, 8:30pm). 

The album's six tracks were recorded in May at Montreal's Drones Club by Mike Wright, who is one of Mauno's inspirations: "We are all influenced by pieces of the Halifax canon past and present, particularly Long Long Long and Each Other," says Everett (both bands in which Wright is involved), "We want to make pop songs. Concision, efficiency, direction. But we love all sorts of music and sound. Quickly set up little worlds then move on."

Matthews says: "We all have different backgrounds that seem to complement each other. Eliza has a background in classical cello, R&B, and prog rock. I have a background in classical percussion, punk rock, and session work. Nick has a background in folk music and choral music. We share an affinity for pop structure and experimentalism and the ways in which they manifest themselves." 

In other words, Everett says, "Evan brings the van, Eliza brings the chips, I bring the doubt."

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Hear a track from Old Man Luedecke's new album

Domestic Eccentric will be released July 24, just in time for lazy porch lemonades

Posted By on Fri, May 29, 2015 at 11:35 AM

  • Old Man Luedecke
  • Mark Maryanovich

Though it was recorded in the thick of a wild Nova Scotia winter in a cabin in the woods, two-time JUNO Award winning Old Man Luedecke's new album, Domestic Eccentric will be your backyard bonfire soundtrack. Recorded with multi-Grammy award winner Tim O'Brien, Domestic Eccentric will be released July 24 on True North Records and is available for preorder now.

Have a listen to "The Early Days", an ode to parenthood and change.


1. Yodelady
2. The Girl In The Pearl Earring
3. The Briar And The Rose
4. Brightest On The Heart
5. The Early Days
6. Wait A While
7. Low On The Hog
8. Real Wet Wood
9. Old High Way Of Love
10. Chester Boat Song
11. Now We Got A Kitchen
12. Hate What I Say
13. Year Of The Dragon
14. Happy Ever After

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Community, culture, chillwave

Nova Scotia artists give a modern twist to treasured French songs

Posted By on Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 3:31 PM


Tonight is the release of Régénération Musicale, a reimagination of classic Acadian songs by La Fédération culturelle acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse (FéCANE). What began as mere curiosity has matured into a collab between 13 up-and-coming artists who hail as far as Antigonish and Baie Ste-Marie. Their diverse backgrounds, whether it be their homes, age, or jobs–the musically trained to the government worker–have translated into notes and tones refreshing to the palate. Embracing the accelerated emergence of new technologies, and the new types of music accompanying them, these francophone tunes have been given a musical makeover, emerging from the spa with contemporary spins ranging from barn-yard country, lounge jazz and atmospheric chillwave. Martin Théberge, executive director of FéCANE, says some of the communities they visited–10 in all–were not scared but anxious to see what came of this project. “Some held these songs very dear to them,” says Théberge. Paid as a tribute to the nostalgic, Régénération Musicale does justice in keeping these cultural traditions alive.

You can catch the release party tonight at Nectar Restaurant and Wine Bar (62 Ochterloney Street) tonight from 4-7pm. It’s free and open to the public. Or have a listen here:

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