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25 for 25: episode 2006

Reuniting the (almost) original cast of Street Cents, AKA Jonathan Torrens, Jamie Bradley, Benita Ha and Brian Heighton.

Jacob Boon Sep 10, 2018 7:13 AM
Brian Heighton, Jonathan Torrens, Jamie Bradley and Benita Ha join us this week on the pod.

The (almost) original cast of CBC’s groundbreaking television hit, Street Cents, have reunited for the first time in 25 years. Jonathan Torrens, Jamie Bradley, Benita Ha and Brian Heighton (AKA Ken Pompadour) are this week’s guests on 25 for 25.

The three original cast members and Torrens (who replaced host Chris Lydon after three episodes) share stories about the early days of what was affectionately called “Marketplace on acid.” Hear all about wrangling animal mascots, prison fan mail, “Fit for the Pit” explosions and failed plans to resurrect one of the most beloved Canadian television shows ever produced.

Our colleague Stephanie Johns also joins us in studio with tales from her old job fielding calls for Steet Cents' “What's Your Beef” hotline. All this plus the Junos are coming to town, Sunday Shopping wars end, the Rolling Stones play a ridiculous concert on the Common and Gawker's most infamous journalism moment of the year is a Chronicle Herald ghost story by Peter Duffy.


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