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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Learn to swim

Posted By on Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 12:15 PM

Hey Halifax, long time no see. I woke up here instead of a hospital bed in Ontario today. I was blackout drunk for 10 years and had no idea who or where I was and now that I'm back I can't believe how in-your-face the party scene is here. My family are in their autumn years and I just settled in for the winter. Am I fucking crazy? WTF am I doing back here? All I see is bars, drunks, free samples and piles of vomit in the street. I left Kitchener (previously known as Berlin and known for hosting the worlds largest Oktoberfest celebration and hate crimes outside of Europe) and I would have never imagined I would find such a hardcore drinking scene with a heaping scoop of racism. Who'd a thunk in just four days here I could write a book on how to stay sober while swimming through an endless sea of drunks. With an overall message of love and patience I thought I'd find peace and compassion next to my lady love. The ocean. And I did. "If the ocean can calm itself so can you, we are both just salt and water.” I'm not crazy, I'm fucking nuts. AND THIS CITY IS JUST AS BEAUTIFUL AS I RECALL IT. Wanna sober up? Want to stay sober? I'm the quiet guy who's not so alone down at the boardwalk, the ocean will always be there. Take good care of her and treat her with respect. —Landlubber

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