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Monday, March 29, 2010

I have a treasure and "X" marks its spot

Posted on Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 4:00 AM

Smokey my love....

The gifts you gently guided to me during the week you stayed and prepared for my 50th will always be with me and remain as the most incredible memories of the blessings that exist in my life. That time with you will always resonate, I will always see you there, feel your presence and be filled with happiness as I reflect upon everything in all of that. Do you recall how you struggled initially to find me a gift? Imagine how a trinket would not survive, would fade and become worn. This gift you gave me will never fade, will always shine and will forever warm me. Imagine now how a trinket would pale by comparison to the smiles and pleasures, the kisses, the laughter, the tenderness, the passion and all of the amazing words of love that came to me, to us, in that week. I will always see all of it, it will forever be with me and I will forever be reminded that you did all of it. My darling you are a well deep with kindness, full of gifts and teeming with joy. Thank you for walking with me and offering yourself as you do.

Sweet Smokey you fill me with kindness. You constantly look for my heart to be good and my feelings strong. In that all too brief week we wept together, spoke of our love and our future, we rekindled our past and cherished our time now. You had a little car to bomb around in and you took it to meet my sisters. You are brave.

We went walking and browsed at Pete's. You warmed me with kisses in the cooler at Costco and at Loblaws we kissed with passion. We went to Chapters to peek in books of love and to Pier 1 to enjoy pretty things. We did everything, yet not enough. Each night I undressed you with my eyes. You would lay in my bed tangled up in me and many times over I consumed you. We showered and we ate. We visited with Claire and your revealed me. Darling be it making love or fixing a meal together what we are was everywhere. Laughter; dear god what did I say to evoke such laughter... and in bed none the less! How solid need my self esteem be to survive this goddess who howls with laughter in my bed? :-) . Treasure, this Pirate has found his treasure, and he has marked it with an "X".

Before arriving you wrote the Coast and anticipated a week of kisses. You wished I be granted a gift of fulfillment. Your wish, and mine, came true. My darling brown sugar love, that wish I will carry with me for a lifetime. Thank you my beautiful love, thank you. —J

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