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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wedding flowers stolen

Posted on Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 2:20 PM

What were you thinking F$#!WAD? So you see 20 small planters filled flowers, in the shade, on the lawn of a house in the north end and you think - "Oh! I must take me some of those?!"

Did they have YOUR name on them? No!

Were they out by the curb where people put stuff that is available to just take for free? NO!

Did they have a "free" sign on them? NO!

Had YOU been contacted to come take them? NO!

They were flowers that had been specifically planted, by future in laws, in the garden, to be used for a wedding. You took the table decorations for a wedding, whose theme was "we created most of this ourselves". ASSHOLE!! Those potted flowers were waiting for pickup by someone (not YOU) to go to the church.

Just so you know, Karma can be a bitch ..... I can be one too! You pissed off a BUNCH of people that had helped out with that wedding. We all talked shit about you at the BBQ bash after the wedding on the 22nd! I speak for us all when I say, "I hope Karma smacks you one...and soon!"


--- Pissed off wedding helper outer

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