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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Entitlement, much?

Posted By on Sat, Feb 18, 2017 at 10:31 AM

So the buses were not running on Valentines Day until the evening. We needed you at work. We were closed on the 13th but we needed you in so you wouldn't get further behind in your shit. When we asked you to take a cab, you assumed that we were paying for it. I found this out when you handed me a receipt of over 35 bucks, telling me I need to either reimburse you from the petty cash or cut a cheque. Excuse me?? It's not the employer's fault that the buses weren't running. When I told you this, you tell me it wasn't your fault either and that it wasn't your fault that you have to take the bus. How was is not your fault though, really?! You don't have a fucking car! Everyone with cars managed to get in, at least late. When you insisted we reimburse you, I told you no and to get a car. You respond "with that shit 28 thousand salary you guys pay me?!". Hey bud, the door is right there if you want to leave. The employees with cars had to spend time shovelling their driveway and getting their vehicles out. And do we pay for their gas every day? Nope. So why should we pay for your cab ride just because the buses weren't running? We've never told you to not take the bus and cab instead, did we? Nope. Fuck off with your entitlement. You're not even a stellar worker. –Mr. Supervisor

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