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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

You know they should not own a drivers license when.....

Posted on Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 4:00 AM

Fine! I am a D.I.N.K (Dual Income No Kids) I know you judge me and other's like me because you feel we have no real responsibilities in life (by responsibilities I mean kids) and live somewhat selfishly. But guess what I am probably judging you too.But why not if you could only see yourselves, if your in a crowded venue and can loudly hear a man and women talking and they are joined with their with kids for some reason they believe they are entitled to bless us all with their "Family Chatter" as I call it, which includes everything from where stuff should be located in their baby carriage to loudly replying their son or daughter's questions and the exchange is at least 20db larger than anyone else in their immediate eco system.What ever happened to common courtesy? Is this a learned lesson in life or should everyone be aware of this basic sense of decency. It's like, what I see drivers around the city, if you are driving in a normal car of standard length and feel that it is required to make a wide right hand turn which actually propels your vehicle into the adjacent lane to the left of your car forcing that driver to know make an adjustment so they don't hit your car, you probably need to go back to drivers school, because your back tires will pivet and do the job for you. So my question is should we have mandated by the government parenting training, so that as a society we establish a social standard that everyone is held to? —Bedford N.S Resident

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