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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Government rakes in your money

Posted on Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 4:00 AM

Simply put, Government employees are paid too much. Perhaps not in comparison to other government employees but to the average Nova Scotian taxpayer, it's an astounding amount of difference. Especially when some of the individuals within our government decide what to do with our taxes. The film tax credit, so much has been said but I don't feel anyone paid any attention, Basically McNeil took millions from Joe the small time business owner and gave it to the Ferry debacle. Millions of Nova Scotia dollars sent to the Untied States company to run the Ferry system. Not to mention the sneaky little buy-outs they pull off for their buddys with factories in the Maritimes desperately in need of mindless hourly employees, forced to make enough to "get by." I'm sure when a government employee is pulling in over 200 000 dollars a year they are thinking about the Nova Scotians who have to worry every single waking hour of their day, where am I going to get the money for rent, food, my utility bills. Could this individual say, get by on 100 000 a year? My god, half of Nova Scotians will never see that kind of money in a lifetime. I'm not a fan of politicians, I take the Thompson position at them being swine. There are a few who want to make a difference but the whole system is concreted in it's ways, I fear the changes we need will never come. It is the system. The big nasty machine of capitalism.Taking advantage of the less fortunate to better your position in the world. I have delusions of grandure, would like to afford nice things, but I'm realistic, I would like to pay my bills doing something I enjoy, writing, art, whatever, but with the system the way it is, artists and creative people are being phased out. It is such a struggle to be an artist in Canada. And now we've got to hear about cutting budgets to art programs, when video lottery rakes in billions, where's that report? The government pisses away money, and when everyone is looking around saying where have all our young people gone? somewhere it's possible to make a career besides taking up a trade that's available. I maybe a child of the early 70s, grew up studying the counter culture of the 1960s, but I see none of the lessons taught from that time learned. Share, share the wealth, share the opportunity, for fucks sake share the province with the rest of us. —Maybe not

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