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Monday, August 3, 2015

Unrealistic expectations of restaurant staff

Posted on Mon, Aug 3, 2015 at 4:00 AM

One thing that I have never understood about guests in restaurants is their level of expectation. My job as a server is as follows: Greet guest, take order, ensure order is correct, bring the correct order, make sure guest is enjoying what they have ordered, take payment, all while maintaining an effective workplace "flow" which sometimes means running 20,000+ steps in a shift (I've worn a pedometer that shit is nuts, no wonder I can scarf down an entire plate of burnt nachos in record time and not gain weight) and keeping a kazillion things running smoothly all at once (fellow servers, you know what I'm talking about). But aside from the circus-performer-level multitasking, my basic job per table really isn't all that hard. I bring you food, you eat. I really don't understand how some people can write me off as a human because I won't let your curious toddler try to climb under my shin length skirt and see my vagina; or fly off the handle because I can't do math quick enough while juggling 80 other things in my mind that have to be done in the next 60 seconds. And what is it with men who think that having a server gives them the permission to ask said server if they would like to get fucked? And don't expect me not to hit you if you decide it's okay to cop a feel of my ass as I walk by with a tray in my hand. A lot of us servers already have enough going on: other server stealing our tables and tips off our tables, catty servers who hate their lives and take it out on us, managers who are never there and don't even see the restaurant run but still feel like they have the authority to take shifts away from you because a guest complained that they're food got cold (when they have been camping out at the table for two hours nursing a beer - of course it's going to get cold). Again - servers have enough going on, so you problematic unrealistic guests who have no idea how working in a restaurant is - sit down and shut up. eat your meal and leave. For the rest of you guests who are RESPECTFUL thank you! You set the bar for how things ought to be.
—I wish I had a less degrading way to make money

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