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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Apt. 5

Posted on Tue, May 19, 2015 at 12:14 PM

I can tell you're an angry little man by the way you carry yourself. You've never said anything to me when I see you in the hallway or the lobby, but you're always scowling and shuffling around like you've got a stick shoved up your ass. I've encountered your son (stepson?) several times in the lobby or outside the building, having been locked out. I don't much care for the way he dresses (flat brim hat, puffy coat, typical teenage attempt at facial hair) but that's more a matter of my personal opinion. He's always been very polite to me and is somewhat timid, perhaps embarrassed that he's not allowed in his home. Now, I don't know the circumstances surrounding his lockouts and it's none of my business, really. However, I work shift work and the last time I let him in the building it was 2 am and in the middle of one of those crazy snow storms we had. The kid is maybe 16. At least once a week I can hear you screaming at whoever it is you live with (I never hear anyone else, only you). Wether it's about your cigarettes or the place not being cleaned to your standards or how if your son does something one more time you're going to "knock his teeth out into the street". Man, do I feel sorry for the people who have somehow ended up stuck with you in their lives every day. You are a miserable, small, man. And contrary to what you were yelling today about how "this is my house and you just live here -- out there is the building, in here is mine" ... wrong, fucko. You own nothing. You pay rent and can be evicted at 2 weeks notice. I hope you find yourself alone and those two people who seem trapped with you find peace someday soon. You need to learn how to treat people. —Thin walls in Fairview

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