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Monday, October 6, 2014

Showing your true colors!

Posted on Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 12:05 AM

I'm getting married next Spring and after working out my budget, I realized I could only afford to have the maid of honor and four bridesmaids in the wedding. This works because my fiance also has four good buddies and one bestest buddy, so things match up. The major dilemma with me was, I had six good friends, not just five, so it was one of the toughest decisions I had to make in deciding which friend I unfortunately had to leave out of the ceremony. I chose you because I'd been friends with you the shortest amount of time. My maid of honor is my sister, one of my bridesmaids is a close cousin, one is a friend since childhood, and the other two are friends going back to highschool. I felt sick to my stomach when you arrived to my place after I'd invited you over to break the news to you, since I knew you assumed you'd be in my wedding. And I felt worse when I could see you fighting back tears. You freaked on me! You argued that I should've left out someone else and, although you agreed with the sister and cousin being a part of it, one of the other three friends should have been out because you were there for me in the last four years more than all of them combined. Yes, you've been an awesome friend, and yes there have been times you were there for me when the others bailed. But they're still awesome too, and you forget that I have a huge history with them. You've been my friend for only four years, THEY'VE been in my life for 12 and 21 years! OK, for a while there circa 2010-2012, I drifted from them a bit, while you were around every weekend. But while you were out west for work for 18 months, it's been like old times with my other besties. You and I drifted and I only heard from you once a week while you were away. When you moved back, it wasn't the same anymore. After I explained everything in the previous paragraph to you, you go into full-blown insults! "Probably don't want a bridesmaid that would look better than you, that's why I'm out, you're picking the others cause they're fucking heffers!" was what you told me. Then you told me to go fuck myself and that you hope I find out right on the wedding day that my fiance was cheating on me or he backs out at the last minute, and if that doesn't happen I go through a nice pricey divorce! You stormed out of my home, telling me you're not even going to the wedding! You, honey, made me that much happier with my decision! You weren't really genuine after all, because who says shit like that to her friend?! Even if this had happened to me, I'd be unhappy but I would never say such hurtful comments. Bitch, YOU can go fuck YOURself while I go marry my man and live the rest of my life with him and my girls! —Bride to be who made the right decision

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