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Friday, August 29, 2014

What makes a Princess?

Posted on Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 4:00 AM

I've been trying to solve the same problem for more then a few years now. When people are always asking me "how many Princesses are there?" I always thought I had the answer, Seven. Snow White (who has other issues besides my Princess list, like in the book she's twelve and in the movie she's 14), Cinderella, Aurora, Ariele, Belle, Tiana and Jasmine. But now its plus two, Merida and Rapunzel. Here comes the confusing part, what about Pocahontas and Mulan. They're both princesses, well that is according to the internet standards of little girls. I now hope to prove that they're not and my original claim of seven (plus two) is in fact true. Pocahontas is supposedly the only princess thats based on a real person. That in itself is a blatent lie. I recently saw Maleficent and thats based on a true story. So if Pocahontas is a princess thats based on a true story then so is Maleficent- and I truly can't accept that Maleficent could ever be a princess. Next we have Mulan and we all know that she's a joke. Sure the movie was good and all but she was not noble born, she holds no noble titles and only earned the title of Imperial Counsel. Good job on that because the writers could have given her any damn title they wanted. So yup, not a princess. Now lets look at why Rapunzel deserves the title while the others don't. She was born a princess and will one day become Queen Regnant of Corona. Until then, she will be a princess and stay on the princess list in my heart. Now we have Merida and her red hair. Sure she's another new edition but she does have her place as a princess becasue she was born to King Fergus of DunBroch. So, like Rapunzel she is still currently a princess. Now I'd like to take a quick look at all the up and coming princesses the girls are always talking about. Alice never makes the list because she was simply a princess in the game "Kingdom Hearts". Next we have Eilonwy and I do sympathize with her cause because she is technically a Princess. A Princess that was forgotten due to the movies horrible failure. At age 12 she would have also been the youngest Princess because Snow White is a liar. Esmerelda doesn't even get an explanation because of her shady past. Giselle almost made the list, but her wonderful friend, Nancy, ended up marrying the prince. Kida is another one that should have been, but oh no, she doesn't have any musical numbers so she's easily forgotten. Oh, and she became a queen onscreen, so too bad. Now I'd like to end with Anna. I will amend my list of seven (plus two) and my opinions for her. She is the current Princess of Arendelle but no, she's still trapped on the "in-waiting" list that so many seem to focus on. So what are the official rules people wonder? Are you born into the title, do you marry the son of a King or a Reigning Prince, your title corresponds to an equivalent rank, do you need to have the primary role on the big screen, be human or closely human like or never appear in a sequel? —Nukka

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